Seems like a good day for a #Kiki with @Bethenny
  • bravoandySeems like a good day for a #Kiki with @Bethenny

  • esmia75Absolutely love Bethany!!!
  • aries__diaryMy two favorite people!
  • j9arinoLooks like Bethany has one long eyebrow #unibrow
  • judyw1954You two are adorable together. Come on Andy, don't you want a second Jewish mother? Only joking!!!
  • kbeavtannDon't let Jill Zarin find out about this! 😯 😉
  • lacey_nascimentoShe looks like Michael Jackson here.
  • raul_miaAdore
  • chippedpolishPlease feed her
  • annelzsanchezLove you guys!💖
  • j_l3abyLooks like she has a unibrow haha
  • sexynena28I can't stand this bi#ch...she soooo annoying...I felt so bad 4 that guy she was with.. smh..
  • lily59If u don't have anything nice to say, then just keep your rude remarks to yourself. Perhaps u r just jealous!!
  • susanweiskopfDidn't your mother ever teach you that if you don't have something nice to say then say nothing at all ?
  • my3lilmonkeys@bravoandy I am mad why did you erase my comment about Bethany? Why was it because it was too long or the truth. I wanted Bethany to see it. I didn't say anything mean or bad I really thought you would have showed it to her :(
  • 3mkari@i_rock20 agh!! Did u read his comment!!! #kiki
  • cameronearnheart💥❤Love her❤💥
  • susy_cutieLove you both...:D
  • kaevans7I love bethenny but those glasses make her look like she has a unibrow oops
  • localknit@bravoandy in a #localknit #fishfarm crew!
  • 562babybear@bravoandy please fire aviva! I can't keep hearing about her! From herself mostly! I get she's drama but stop giving her camera time about her leg. We get it.
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