Not two #norns #look #alike you said?
  • creaturesonlineNot two #norns #look #alike you said?

  • danski3All of the different color patterns are awesome!
  • wrongenvelopeLove it! Great blog post, too
  • tobincri love the body variations too.
  • tobincroh and grendals....i can't wait to see THEM nasty buggers.
  • dare2smileI can't wait!! ...are there going to be ones like the lightning mutation in C2? They were my favorite haha
  • creaturesonline@dare2smile You know what? Your knowledges of Creatures are better than ours because we have no idea of what you are talking about xD
  • creaturesonline@tobincr We are very sorry but we said that there won't be Grendels in C4 :-(
  • tobincroh no i know i thought i had read they could be an option for future content my bad
  • hellointerloperYeah, I thought they would possibly be added in the future as well. Ah well, I'm still excited either way!
  • don21aThe Fishing Cactus blog says, "While Grendels and Ettins won’t be in the initial release of game, I think it’s pretty much clear that they’re high up in the wanted features list of the community and thus high up in our todo list as well for after the game is released."
  • creaturesonlineYes it´s in our list but won't be in the first released of C4
  • hellointerloperThat's perfectly fine, I got scared for a moment that we'd never see them! :)
  • sunsetsnseashellsI have to ask; what happened to their tails? It looks like some cruel being docked them off :(
  • marcus.rose@xovee_ haha!
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