A grey day today
  • thechosenone665A grey day today

  • sparklynerdsamHere too! Only lot more rain! *eats some noudles*
  • mzhydeIt doesn't stop raining here in Belgium. :c
  • thechosenone665Sabine: yeah, so grey but plus degrees at least:-)
  • thechosenone665Mzhyde; no, it's quite boring;-(
  • morphiseraRain rain rain.. Belgium is a rainy country. But my new piercing made my day!
  • caroltanabeToday the weather is cloudy here, it does increase my boredom :/ But it's a great day to sleep, hahahaha :P
  • finjaa1988The same is in germany. Rain and rain every day. That is boring. I'm looking forward for spring ;-)
  • mlfrancis_I wish I was there
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