Something foolish with Gooseberries and leftover blackcurrents.
  • tomatomelbSomething foolish with Gooseberries and leftover blackcurrents.

  • bhakthiWhere are ya getting gooseberries in Melb? Nigel Slater recipes often call for them but I never know where to go. Actually speaking of summer British foods, I got me some elderflower cordial today!
  • tomatomelb@bhakthi i brought sweeter red ones nack from Tassie. Otherwise there's a place in Trentham that does the green ones but i think the season may be over although they sometimes have frozen ones. I'll try and remember the name if you want.
  • essjayeffst Kilda Farmers Market had them last month @bhakthi ... If you're lucky there may be some left
  • lemonpiyMmmm fool
  • danspankingWe'll have to try this! Thanks again for the gooseberries, so difficult to get here
  • tomatomelb@danspanking as they weren't as sour as the green ones and quite sweet I used a creamy yoghurt instead of cream.
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