• wizkhalifaAwesome

  • t0mmyhilniggaDope jacket
  • bricabutlerI used to love Special Ed!!!! 😍
  • klassy33Special ed...Yeah!!!
  • jhuertas_Nigga said "I'm your idol, the highest title. Número uno, I'm not a Puerto Rican but I'm speaking so that juno"
  • swannmarley10My nigga
  • y_diddybop@jhuertas_ word!!!
  • jhuertas_@yah_yati I wasn't alive then, but I know music! & the dude was NICE
  • y_diddybop@jhuertas_ man not too many cats know because they are only aware of mainstream artist but I def remember those bars from the "got it made" record #realrap
  • shadxstevensSpecial Ed nigga #oldies
  • mrtrefo336I still got his tape
  • beautyfulsoul_Yo outfit tho 😁 #Swag
  • __michelle_nykol@mistercap , Tht Jacket >>>
  • apollos_universeMy moms and everybody say I look like you and my name Cameron, what you think @mistercap
  • thestacymoshowIs that Special Ed?
  • wolves4real"MEAN&TEN" & it's Ok From the 1of the Creators of that word!!! & My Man Huddy6 R.i.P 🙏 HARLEM Fu*ks wit u Dog!! & Yes I am Qualified Enuff to speak for Da Town!! Back to da Pik tho, "MEAN&TEN" Throw Back Style Jacket wit Throw Back Rapper!! 👍 😎💭💭💭
  • wolves4realWat I was sayn Cus I didn't finish IC!!! I had 2Reread wat I text, SMH! I'm HiGH🌴:-) 😴 but u that Phrase "MEAN&TEN" I told Black Rob to use "No HoMo" but he didn't & Camron did 1st. SMH! BR said "DAMN DAP" when he seen me in da "D" Detroit wit CamRon, "Yo did u give Cam "Nathan Franks" I said "No" & he put it on sum song he had wit My Child Hood Friend LOON another (BadBoy) Artist! So take Heed to wat am sayn even tho I'm High🌴 :-) got 2B writing all this Shit!! 😂✌
  • mikelaaryseason1#Themission
  • monaj804_@specialedmusic
  • suavedemarco_Hip hop legend rapper Special Ed wow Lol
  • suavedemarco_I got it made was my favorite song
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