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  • biglee24@birdman03 any time you hate someone that much, that means you really love them. You prob wish it was your ass kobe put it in. Lol
  • netanel_bibiShut the fuck up kobe can beat the fuck out of any one in the nba
  • birdman03@biglee24 When lakers missed the playoffs after shaq left the kobetards were saying "How is he supposed to make the playoffs with kwami brown and smush parker?" WHAT IS THE EXCUSE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Kobe is the most over rated player in NBA HISTORY!!!!!!! .
  • birdman03@biglee24 let go of the best player since Jordan , the MVP king James's nuts and worry about kobitch retiring so the elite lakers can make the measly playoffs . They don't need that cancer
  • biglee24@birdman03 if over rated gets me the highest paid player in the league, five rings, slam dunk title, MVP , highest al star vote , 15 time al star, then ask Charles Barkley , Patrick Ewing, and many other greats if they would like to be over rated! ,
  • biglee24@birdman03 with all due disrespect your dum
  • biglee24If kobe retired right now he had nothing to prove
  • biglee24@netanelbibi thank you!
  • birdman03@biglee24 best players win mvps best teams win rings . Ask Jordan he has 5 . Kobitch has 1 MVP in 18 years because he's not "valuable" Sam jones has 10 rings I guess he's better than kobitch . K done talking about players that can't make the playoffs with 3 hall of famers
  • _fredg_Kobe should have won more mvps. aI has 1 MVP he should have more. No way in hell should nash have more mvps than Kobe or AI. Kobe is a bigger threat than d wade because he can score way more and has the ability to dish. You don't think so ? He has realized that he isn't going to win all the games by himself so he dishes. His vision is above d wade
  • _fredg_@birdman03 ps: blow me
  • birdman03@_fredg_ kobitch blew the game again last night. What was the coach thinking bringing that trash back In the game when lakers were up 13 in the 4th? Airball , turnover , brick , airball , clutch missed layup , it's kobrick time!!!! Lmao retire already . What a joke . Beasley straight owned kobitch
  • yon_doughThat jacket is smacking!!!! 👌👌👌
  • birdman03@hanchothedon talk to me when kobitch can make the playoffs with 3 hall of famers . He is a useless dead weight cancer that has never passed the first measly round without the best bigs in the league . Iverson > kobitch hands down and the whole world can see that this year . Pray he retires so lakers can make the playoffs . Kobitc will never be in the multiple MVP elite level next to Jordan , magic , bird and king James
  • dloading_50@birdman03 oyea kobe is one of the best lakers and nba players ever
  • a.m.a_101903@birdman03 go eat something nigga , u sound stupid and angry cause u must be hungry. Dumb comments
  • kodienapaSexy
  • risky_bizzThis better not be ur girl
  • mikemurdvbetter be tappoin dat
  • desana_mosesLls @riskyy_bizness
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