#instalove from @haylishanese. Xo
  • melaniefiona#instalove from @haylishanese. Xo

  • cesar4stylesMine too!!! Love love love that song!!!
  • nikkipop_@mymflife Ditto to the above!!! I first heard it on a Vh1 show and I immediately searched iTunes for it and I lovvvvvve that song!!! Your voice and the words of the song are a perfect match!🔥🔥🔥
  • utahlaw801It's true your music resonates with so many people... Women and men alike. You are such a phenomenal vocalist and woman! Keep it up MF!!!! #mymflife
  • itsme_nitra@mymflife you hit home on wrong side of a love song. When i saw you perform it here in N.O at Dillard University. I said she's singing about me. # beautiful artist
  • sheisjalessaMy fave song @mymflife
  • spanishflyybaybeee@mymflife love u!!!!!!
  • itssharonyoI know exactly what she means and how she feels! I've been living the MF life with ya since you toured with Alicia. You know when I can I got you, front row ;-)
  • mz_dee_b_meUr music does something for my soul and your lyrics jus always hit home with me especially Wrong Side of A Love Song.....
  • mz_dee_b_meKeep the music coming cuz I am def living the MF life @mymflife
  • beautifully_keThat entire CD is bomb! I've been listening to it religiously lately @mymflife ... I hope your next CD is as good if not better
  • blocknrollvegasThere u go @mymflife always making someone's day!! Your life and I love it
  • evadnye_michelleJust hearing this song for the first time....I love it....story of my life @mymflife
  • redhoneyrosezExactly!
  • mzjordan_8Truth💜💜 TheMFLife🎶🌟
  • bigrod3689Mel is my boo and I looooove that song!
  • jade_pennAwwwwww
  • pyt_natashaI concur @mymflife the words of that song we true feelings sung by you but felt by me. Keep doin ys thang : )
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