You are the most amazing MAN a woman could ask for! So excited to have you as my husband! @tylerbaltierramtv 😘😍😁
  • catelynnmtvYou are the most amazing MAN a woman could ask for! So excited to have you as my husband! @tylerbaltierramtv 😘😍😁

  • oh_kaylahhhh,) you are pretty amazing. I hope God blesses you abundantly @catelynnmtv
  • carmen_gee22This made me love you guys even more!
  • hailey_is_here112You guys are cute together
  • brave.honest_beautiful@catelynnmtv you look amazing! :)
  • jenniferashley42Didn't you yourself admit on 16 and pregnant that you contemplated on abortion? Now your all high and mighty with people paying you for there adds you just lost a fan and respect of a woman.
  • phyliciarenea@jenniferashley42 are people not allowed to change their minds?
  • jenniferashley42@phyliciarenea yeah but because she did an adoption she's all high and mighty I think she forgets how scared she was at one point and considered it. Now she's gone so far as to post this kind of judgmental bullshit. It's a woman's right to decide to do with her body not anyone eles Caitlyn should be more anti teen pregnancy not more judgmental of abortion
  • drenicole24@jenniferashley42 .. Right you should be able to do what with your body as a women.... But her point IS!! Rather then aborting a child.. Give birth to it and have someone who would appreciate it more then you, adopt it..... Duhh. Dont be so quick to judge. #smh
  • deshendersonI love tyler so much I love him like a big brother I look up to tyler a lot @tylerbaltierramtv
  • mamita_de_cuatroThe baby's body is it's own body...not your body, not your choice....and all you pro choicers need to go watch the silent scream video on YouTube....a video of an actual abortion...the baby tries to get away from the vacuum and you can see it opening it's mouth wide as if it were SCREAMING...why should an innocent life be literally torn to pieces just to make life 'easier' for the person who made that child?
  • hausoffine@krissmazing , you're brilliant. Everyone should have choices. Don't want an abortion don't have one but for some of us it was life SAVING!
  • _heychels@mamita070911 couldn't have said it better myself.
  • k_marie94_@mamita070911 you and no one else does not have the right to tell another woman what to do with her body.
  • miss_kay666<~ Pro-choice... I may not agree with abortions, but I believe certain circumstances call for them, wether they're health, abuse, or selfish reasons it is HER choice...
  • miss_kay666And this couple right here made an adult decision while still being kids...
  • miss_kay666So they're awesome for that!!!
  • miss_cathi90Good for you two! #prolife
  • organicallymerry@nataliechristinehick exactly!
  • organicallymerryDon't do grown up things if you're not ready for grown up responsibility!
  • organicallymerryBe it a baby or contracting an STD!
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