Pilot found a disconnected wire (weird). Fuel gauge working again. Checking rotors.
  • kim_dotcomPilot found a disconnected wire (weird). Fuel gauge working again. Checking rotors.

  • dave_olds@kim_dotcom Make sure all is clear before getting back in!!
  • mikeymofoThat is one slick looking Chopper 🚁
  • notyouraveragecoffee@kim_dotcom Helicopters are death traps. They all fail sooner or later. A failing plane has a greater chance of survival, since they glide after the engine cuts.
  • lorenzocumbaGood Luck, Mr Dotcom!! @kim_dotcom
  • optixproUs government done it. That's the type of stuff they do smh don't let them delete you like this
  • danbakesA disconnected wire? Are the FBI up to no good?
  • jeremyceeThe CIA's plot to take you out!
  • svenhhThey want you dead.
  • raydenlYou've got to stop letting the MPAA service your chopper!
  • bull500That is an amazing helicopter
  • vroomphoto@kim_dotcom looks like a gazelle, my dad used to fly these
  • sjtgraham@kim_dotcom THEY'RE TRYING TO KILL YOU
  • manage2proPilot found a disconnected wire that's weird indead. @KimDotCom you can't trust (almost) anyone at this time. One may assume some bad 'guys' seeking to get you down what ever it takes.
  • eldelosavionesIf it's only a wire from a fuel gauge is not very chritical,don't worry.If you need someone to take care of the maintenance,contact me.
  • gabriel_albqSomeone is trying to kill you be safe if BFI is not contacting someone in your home.
  • copterpilotBurn Jet A.
  • bigbipini@kim_dotcom drop me some money
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