Goodbye, Michigan. #airportlife
  • kblock43Goodbye, Michigan. #airportlife

  • thomasesmithPlane delayed due to polka dots.
  • ddandanHaha @thomasesmith
  • kblock43@patcoliton Thanks very much!!! I truly appreciate it.
  • rvxnn@kblock43 u need a private hoonigan racing division jet that would be awesome
  • adam.dreesHaha
  • bujackproThanks coming out to MI
  • benyoung51@kblock43 looked good this weekend.. was working stage one and saw u fly by. Was definitely the fastest one on that stage.. was sad to hear u had alternator problems.. looked real good on Saturday tho..was working stage 12 and 19 right at long downhill into the right 2.. got some good footage of you.. see you down at 100aw
  • awatkins777I work at Detroit metro airport at delta. Wished I would've worked today mannnn
  • sky1193What!!!!!! You were in Michigan! I wish I would have known
  • ian_young4898NO!
  • sk8rchicka1988yeah we just got half a foot of snow tonight! #michigan
  • muffincupcakes@kblock43 wahtr you doing? Ken block STAHP!!
  • dented_coffee:( at least I got to meet you and get you're autograph. Hope to see you next year at the 2014 sno* drift.
  • iceman99turboI missed Ken as well.. wish I knew he came back to MI after 2 years... I would have attended.
  • thomas.h__Good
  • xmr_exRunway+rally car = good time
  • hugofy
  • ricrath69Dear ken, don Rathgebers grandson here, I was also one of the young men who pushed you off the snow bank, there's a vid of it on YouTube if you wanna check it out. Ken block crashing sno drift 2013!
  • rmurray329@kblock43 @kblock43 shout out to me
  • humeidashrafLike it ;-)
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