SNL's impression of us.
  • trainSNL's impression of us.

  • mooseymaura1115That was actually really funny.
  • sherry_52My favorite part was "John Mayer, I hear he legally Insane" hahahaha
  • iflookscouldkillThis was the best skit ever!
  • jg_remolinaLol that was so funny "things just got crazy, it's Jason marz"
  • colld0llSooooo freakin hilarious!!!!
  • kimberlyanne1192I was dying hahaha
  • zenatruitt454Doesnt look to much like you guys...
  • akaiser72It's a parody .. Not supposed to look exactly lol.. Made me laugh ;)
  • amkb12Looked like Jimmy and Scott were Pat's bodyguards! 😉
  • thepeacefreak77You know you've made it when they make fun of you on SNL. Congrats!
  • x__danni__xCan you view it online anywhere? Australia has to wait a long time for shows to air here...
  • pdrew23But can they sing? No!!!
  • chloemierasBEST THING EVER
  • mezjoviThat was hysterical!!
  • mkeegnYou know you've made it when SNL spoofs you.
  • vickiehoagThat was so funny! Would have been even better if it was really you guys. 😀
  • neldadeeI totally Recorded that on DVR. I'll need it again soon.
  • yazmine134@mkeegan140 they don't need SNL to prove it. We already know they made it a long time ago ;)
  • marylandbluecrabI loved it!
  • idkkalannaThat was hilarious
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