#Baltimore among cities asked about interest in #2024 #Olympics. What do you think? http://bsun.md/YxGeZY (Baltimore Sun Photo Illustration) #igers #Maryland #instadaily #city
  • baltimoresun#Baltimore among cities asked about interest in #2024 #Olympics. What do you think? http://bsun.md/YxGeZY (Baltimore Sun Photo Illustration) #igers #Maryland #instadaily #city

  • petitbrickhouseYay!!!
  • madelyn.zOmg yes!!!
  • gaiastreetartWhAAA
  • calhoun_magsWe can't handle a superbowl parade. How the fuck are we gonna handle the Olympic games?
  • jbar01Nor can we handle an Indy race...
  • urbiecakesCan the control the celebratory homicides? It make the US look too great when the tourists get stabbed, robbed, beat up or killed. Just sayin.
  • glofitAbsolutely !!!
  • gray.whiteYes!!!!
  • carlosdcruzNot enough room, as much as I'd like to dream of that its just not going to happen. That's just reality
  • zhwolfeAren't we going broke?
  • kylegranthamBaltimore wouldn't host the whole Olympics, they'd host certain games. They've been talking about it for years, using Camden Yards and M&T Bank Stadium as locations for soccer games.
  • vudeanYea, they would consider it the DC/Baltimore "metro area" for a Super Bowl. Lots of stadiums and arenas ready to go.
  • b_shaw321They are going to need to be able to control large crowds, direct traffic and control traffic better. Ravens parade was ridiculous
  • tanya922#priorities
  • jmf766We should probably be more concerned with redeveloping the areas of the city that need serious redevelopment attention, attacking our drug problem, addressing crime, fixing our school system, reversing the noticeable lack of industry, or convincing residents to stay in the city. If the IOC took one look at Federal st. I'm sure the would have some...concerns.
  • jbar01We gave up the Volvo Ocean Race because Pimilico was holding our leg of the Triple Crown. Does anyone seriously think we can stage an Olympics?
  • chelbynI would be ever so proud
  • heykageas long as the Olympic committee doesn't add a Grand Prix to the events
  • _thegrazer_Jmf766 is right. Baltimore, my beautiful home city, needs to put its resources into helping all the disadvantaged and disenfranchised people that call Charm City home. An Olympic bid would be a waste for a city that needs a lot of love, something the IOC can't provide.
  • thebjrdIt's amazing what a Super Bowl victory can do for a city.
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