Dinner time in the Hospital with Momma Cita
  • derekhoughDinner time in the Hospital with Momma Cita

  • anna_liz87May God help her have a speedy recovery. God Bless!
  • vdub_7Bless her, and I wish her well..... You're a great son!
  • ljustinology@derekhough : Glad ur momma citas finally out. Ur a great son. I would've done the same thing you did today. Sorry if u didn't have a not so good experience. Your amazing! God bless! 
  • sassy_sandraatlHow sweet
  • jdoyle_Great picture. Your mom is beautiful and you're gorgeous.
  • msmadeaaaAdorable! Beautiful moment captured on camera! Price less!
  • dawnrose70Please know I will praying for your mother as she recovers!
  • turmelgirlsCool
  • lianajoyxoAww so sweet of you! Hope she feels better soon! Keeping her in my prayers🙏
  • nataliecudatell her to feel better soon❤
  • outta_here_Dear god I hope she's ok she is a great person and has a big heart👼🙏❤
  • dsinishtajWe'll be praying for her.
  • jordan.abraham16Hope she gets well!! I will pray for her every night! 😌❤💗💜💙💚💛🙏👼
  • taylor.mellington42@derekhough why is she in the hospital hope she gets better though
  • alto_saxshe's lucky to have a grandson as sweet as you are
  • chelsey13_OMG! What happened?!!
  • dearestjennasea❤️❤️❤️ fantastic picture
  • a.n.godoyEveryone everyone she had a baby . She's ok
  • c_c_girl_21Omg is sweet
  • c_c_girl_21So sweet
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