I want to eat this bread!!! #diet!!
  • chuvanessI want to eat this bread!!! #diet!!

  • sabsmarquezHello @chuvaness I'm an avid reader of your blog and i know off-topic with your post but have you seen the toilets at robinson's magnolia? I think you will approve (or at least it will pass your taste) 👍i really thought of you when i went to use it bec im impressed 😄
  • chuvanessYes i was there i think they were ok @sabsmarquez
  • sabsmarquezCan compare to mall toilets in singapore and hkg so pwede na 👍👍👍 thanks @chuvaness 😊
  • lynrbBicho-bicho! Yumm!!
  • sandrinesandrinetteMe tooooo
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