I'm very itchy and very tired. Oh, yeah. 11 more weeks. Sorry to whine, but @pleasantpictures is busy and Gigi doesn't care.
  • thealisonshowI'm very itchy and very tired. Oh, yeah. 11 more weeks. Sorry to whine, but @pleasantpictures is busy and Gigi doesn't care.

  • bearyrauchAwww man!!! Boo. So wish I were closer to help.
  • briluI don't know if anyone has said this but have you tried the pine tar soap?
  • milk_thistleI care
  • overanalyzerTry putting oats in a stocking in the bath. Seriously. It works.
  • overanalyzerI was so uncomfortable at this point. I couldn't wait to have him already. Hope you're more excited about having a boy than you were at first. They are awesome I promise.
  • thealisonshow@brilu @overanalyzer @lindbm you guys are so sweet! If its colestasis it's under the skin, so ill know soon but if not I'm trying all these things!
  • thealisonshow@gretchenblack it seriously does! Xo
  • thealisonshow@cortfrancis that's what I had last time. Bah! They tested me for it today
  • thealisonshow@overanalyzer oh and I am!! ;) Also IF it was a girl your name was at the top of my list! It's so pretty.
  • brilu@thealisonshow I wish you some relief!
  • saratippettsI'M SO SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!! I had itchiness all over my legs, stomach, and arms. It was the under the skin kind too. Not cholestasis luckily or Pupps. But still so awful. You are a champ!!!! And truly it is the worst thing ever.
  • mgfaulknerHere I come honey
  • lexischeidLove this. Love your blanky. I hate being pregnant and itchy!!!
  • andweplayPoor thing.
  • maciereddAlison!! How are you lady?? It's been awhile! You're having a boy!!! I'm so happy for you! Boys are soo fun :) Gigi is adorable!
  • gygikSo sorry :(
  • heather_ritaIt. Ain't. Easy. Hang in there!!
  • heylaurenreneSo sorry! Hope your weeks gotten better! Can't believe only 11 more weeks!
  • edougal@thealisonshow Are you contagious?! Because I seriously got the itch after church yesterday and it hasn't gone away! Haha. Maybe we really will be miserable together!
  • _toshitoshIs it PUPPPS?? I got that at 30 weeks! Booo! So I definitely feel ya on the lame itchiness! 👎 No bueno.
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