Play with AJ on MTV Canada!
  • thetimmcgrawPlay with AJ on MTV Canada!

  • broadyripHey hot stuff!
  • hfollbaum13I can't wait to watch it and for the two lanes your ill be there row 6! Woo hoo!! 😘
  • broadyripAnddddddd can't wait for you and Brantley Gilbert !!!!!! :)
  • mommamel_Please go read my daughters plea on tumbler under ######Macey Marie16 ###shes trying so hard to do something great for me n ok not supposed to no she a wonderful fifteen ur old girl n I love her so wry much she starting to full fill a BUCket list request for me can't wait to see y n BHAM love ur music Melanie
  • tanyawest07😊Got my tickets to see u in Raleigh! U want see us though cause we are so far back but I will be glad to b there👍
  • bowtie_beaudrieWhy MTV? Urgh.
  • deelakeCan't wait to see you at the Calgary Stampede @thetimmcgraw
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