Trying to find out why this cough won't go away #sick
  • tidymomTrying to find out why this cough won't go away #sick

  • fieldsofcakeSending healing mojo. Hope you find an answer and remedy quickly
  • gimmesomeoven:( No fun. I hope she feels better soon!!
  • dizzydesigngirlGoing around our house too- been a month! Good luck!
  • capelucyHope she feels better soon! I've got 2 people in my life with lingering coughs. Both heading to doc today too. :(
  • melly75_Hope you feel better soon!
  • jujuleluluCould it be whooping cough? I heard it made a come back. One of my friend got it a few years ago and cough takes a lot of time to go away.
  • petrie_soaps_and_stuffWhat did they find out, hoping you feel better soob
  • firstcomeslatteOh no! I hope she gets answers and feels better soon.
  • tidymom@trooppetrie well last weeks antibiotics didn't kick it - today's chest X-ray negative so we are trying steroids
  • petrie_soaps_and_stuffGlad they are at least trying something, sorry about the steroids
  • smallhandedaww :(
  • smallhandedwishing ya'll a quick recovery.
  • melissammm3Is she better?
  • tidymom@melissamesplay still about the same -if the steroids are going to help we should know by tomorrow
  • melissammm3Hope she feels better! Seems like one of us has had something since November. Done with the sickness!!
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