"Speaking my name I know they despise me for the status I obtain and da places I fly free"
  • jcs_stelo"Speaking my name I know they despise me for the status I obtain and da places I fly free"

  • bottomsoneI see u sizzle!!!!!!! Don't chill on em like dat doe
  • fadeaway314Lil break now it's #back2ballin
  • credible__sourceCrush em with that One Take 3 bro
  • orelacGood luck in Boston bro! Appreciate what you did in DC. Keep the steeeeeez
  • warbucks65@jcs_stelo imma miss seeing man.... Shine with the celtics, beat the Heat n prove to the #Wizards organization that you are a winner... Best of luck
  • warbucks65RT @sirgeorgejr
  • waynito_@jcs_stelo do yo thang Bro
  • unclebee_88Good luck in Boston
  • pack_stacksNiggas come to the city and act like they don't know niggas
  • smoke_1911Scream at me hoss @jcs_stelo
  • dc_bullets08Made as hell they trade you.You going to get buckets.Ted need to go.Sorry it didn't work In DC but your still a wizards in my heart do your thing Steez
  • rickitycricketYOU WERE A MOTHER FUCKEN MONSTER! Doesn't matter, you'll be starting with rondo, your a great player and your going to replace terry, those deep threes and clutch shots? Crazy hate to see you go. I have your jersey, time to frame bro. I yours over walls, so now I have young, wall and arenas and yours. Rafters my bruh! #27celtics
  • cousins_My favorite player , how could they let you go . Dropped 39 against the Heat too ?? Smh
  • datrumrsbossDang Sir , I can't get a follow back !
  • iammzcardozaGlad they sent you to Boston now you have new fans like me.I think your going to do well here in Boston.....:)
  • trayslimthick@jcs_stelo jorrrrddddaaaannnn omg
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