Happy Presidents Day. #NFL #thenflseason
  • nflHappy Presidents Day. #NFL #thenflseason

  • waitemoneyObama is the best🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈
  • kenneth0922Obama is destroying our country!!!!
  • panthergirl8I think u guys should think about what u say about the president he saved u if umidromny I don't no how to spell it but he would have had the soldiers to war with Russia and they would have won then they would have took over and he would not be the president and he would be a slave so would u I May be a kid but I now thing and she's right
  • av_boss01you have no clue what you are talking about
  • sgepperthF
  • sgepperthGxychcgxu
  • kylevibessObama can foto shop
  • ginger_jesus428Obama look special
  • r_v_is_to_beTrue OBoooma is president but U can't expect good results from a rigged election?..
  • murcedStill better form then mark Sanchez
  • manilla17Obama!!!
  • erock2338Obama throws like a bitch
  • erock2338do they even have football in Kenya?
  • erock2338why you mad I bet if I said it was bush or anyone else you would have no problem with that would you
  • amshields43@r3al_3z or you could drink bleach 😃👍
  • amshields43@panthergirl8 you've been playing way to much mw3 lately
  • morganlopayEww Obama
  • amshields43@panthergirl8 and the president is a man not a woman
  • childishbrandino__God obama looks like a girl scout terrible throw
  • wbarry99Of course all the black ppl comment OBAMA!
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