An unexpected turn of events has just landed us with the new Nike Area 72 collection - available from next week!! #size #nike #area72 #sizehq
  • sizeofficialAn unexpected turn of events has just landed us with the new Nike Area 72 collection - available from next week!! #size #nike #area72 #sizehq

  • realralphgWait what????
  • thefreshguru@herkickzfresh did they say where
  • tjpg@sizeofficial Are these in store or online? When?
  • ces1ne@insta_deta I hear u dude, just messing with u....shoe game def fucked up nowadays
  • laur3n0livia@thefreshguru this a store from the UK. they cool ive order before prices be cool to bro. but if u in houston still i hear HoH still has them
  • thefreshguru@herkickzfresh OK yea the Galleria HOH didn't have my size
  • awrozierWill there be Half sizes ? @sizeofficial
  • d3ta_It's beyond fucked up! prices increased ridiculously from a year ago man and too many old dudes that used to sell tickets outside concerts becoming resellers now, the shoe game is beyond fucked up for real sneakerheads @ces1ne
  • laur3n0livia@thefreshguru the other mall there has them too
  • chrisscc@insta_deta dude you know size? Isnt its own company right? Hence the delays behind footlocker
  • d3ta_@chrisscc its owned by JDcompany who also owns bank, JD, etc. I know it isn't its own company but still its a branch with its own personnel its own fashion buyers and everything else its those people I'm sending this message 2 to try and get more releases these releases aren't even exclusive there gonna be released again and again and again stock can be restocked if they wanted it 2 and its up to the fashion buyers to seal the deal but footlocker has home advantage since it started in america so you can't compare the both so release wise FL will end up with better release and the one we have in Cardiff is shit compared to size believe me the have them early for women's but men have to wait for the release date and they don't even have it available then but I believe size with effort could get any release it wants as its a growing business right now
  • d3ta_Let's leave it yh I'm just pissed I didn't get my royal blues lol and @sizeofficial please just consider some of what I said now but yh peace out n bless
  • chrisscc@insta_deta yeah my point being bro that JD, havin been working there for 6 years, is and always will be its primary concern due to it being its cash cow, the trainers that drop in JD, alot of the time, jordan and air max wise, are the same that they release in size?, except they drop them a week earlier in JD majority of the time, due to that being the most important aspect of their company, then they give them to size? As theres hundreds of JD stores, very few size? Stores, it makes more sense for the biggest part of the company to release first, yourll find JD have alot of exclusives footlocker dont when it come to air max packs especially like the OG pack yourll find shit in there you wont get anywhere but JD, not to sure on J's, but with regards to stock quality, they generally aim the storesbmarket at the way people dress around each individual store, like in london there is tons of streetwear products, then in manchester there is tons of mainstream stuff like puma suedes etc. but yeah thats the way they work....
  • d3ta_Lol cool story bro! @chrisscc
  • d3ta_Lol @chrisscc just joking man i always wanted to say it lol anyhoo yh I guess I'll have to check out JD for a bit then they do seem to have some good releases sometimes but I'm not concerned with am1's releases except that atmos one the black tiger camo now that's a dope one hope they'll at least get them over here
  • chrisscc@insta_deta hahahaa walked into tht one. Yeah dont get me wrong i aint saying JD is the best cause it ait majority if the stuff is shit just going on that they do get some exclusives that you wont get anywhere else so its worth a gander every now and then, yeah i hear you on AM1s cant be dealing with every little kid wearing them these days
  • tompurcell@kirkwallis
  • tompurcell@philmullen
  • tompurcell@philmullen10
  • realralphg@sizeofficial when do they drop?
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