Filming day caption competition. GO! #CaptionComp
  • redbullracingFilming day caption competition. GO! #CaptionComp

  • rhonaboat92Does my bum look big in this... What if I lift my leg?
  • sa5nveraGoooo... Seb!!!
  • el_hairYou think this is camp? You ain't seen nothing yet Sheila!
  • andrewwhitingLook at my crotch Seb, it's right here, look at it, it's looking at you Seb. #captioncomp
  • stu_the_farmerHey Seb what do you think about my Blue Steel?
  • itslupebitch❤❤❤❤❤😘😘😘💋💋
  • julianellis1011 minute 42.9 seconds?! You have got to be kidding!
  • aliciawellerPassed on a yellow flag haha
  • brlaceyneck"Mark you're looking good this year mate, I do love you but easy on the pole positions this year hey"
  • cptwlkr"Lets act as if we're having a conversation."
  • dmccw@redbullracing "seb you payed how much for that hair cut?"
  • jaimi007We are doing the Harlem Shake whether you like it or not!!
  • poweredbyaloe"Dude!! IT gave Adrian Newey a computer!!"
  • hanghill"Hey Mark, I know you're still 'pissed' at being the number 2 driver, but you know standing like a 'tea pot' ain't gonna change the way Dietrich loves me!"
  • mak1paaGood luck Red Bull f1 team
  • sabanai@aussiegrit good work Mark. You did very well despite all of the challenges you faced together. Good luck for the rest of the season mate!
  • aceaznHey Mark, look out Seb going to stab ya in the back!!!
  • maryalyyseHow often do you drink #energydrinks
  • mitch_hodgesMark webber is my cousin :)
  • redkin_felixВеббер красавчик )
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