Watch #rhoa 2nit! @MarvinSapp is on this episode. Get Stay Prayed Up Rt!
  • kandiWatch #rhoa 2nit! @MarvinSapp is on this episode. Get Stay Prayed Up Rt!

  • amoretiaaI love this song , @kandiburruss #followback
  • goldieju@kandiburruss that's u? Can't breathe get my pump
  • p_h86@kandiburruss I have a song... It's gospel, its your kind of gospel. I don't want anything for it but It's the song that came to me the night I came to Christ. I know its a song that so many can relate to. This is a fat chance that you will even reply but I feel like I should try...I feel your on a great platform to reach more then me... Our greatest purpose is To grow in love and faith with Christ and to bring people to Him through our love and talents. For you its your voice.
  • le_shae_81I love this song ❤❤❤👏👏👏👏😊
  • carol_bloveI love this title stay prayed up . I truly believe you must be prayed why because will fix everything in your life .
  • carol_bloveGod will fix everything in your life
  • misstrice🙏🙌 truly inspirational
  • nakeiasharawn,,-
  • jaydensmema1Keep doin what ur doin...God is not thru with u yet! We r all projects under construction and sinners saved by grace. I love the song and the message! God bless u and your family!
  • mrclean1957New gospel cd coming out?:)
  • mrclean1957Love the new single!
  • aseyeam63cravedhooksLove ur new single Kandi w/ Pastor Sapp Prayed up is how I live and u spoke it to the masses...Sinner or Saint we are Truly love by our Creator...i heard the negative press on Praise 102.5 and was sadden that ppl are so holy that they cant see the message u are sending in the I will still stay prayed up with u and for ur continued success...Amen!
  • jujunkc09Love yhis song and my new motto @kandiburruss #stayprayedup
  • jujunkc09*this*
  • mz.lasheaMy favorite song.. Listen To it everyday on my way to n from work gettin me started.. @kandiburruss
  • alanarenique@kandiburruss You put your foot in that house!!! Kim has to be jealous!!! Keep up the good work!!!
  • diamond_smooches<3
  • rikattstI LOVE DIS SONG!!! LITERALLY listen to it EVERYDAY! #biggestFAN
  • chrissybee47YAYYYYYYYY. . . .
  • taye_bryant@ Kandi who produced this track , I tried to Google the name of your production company but came up empty .. look for tha producer and came up with some guy in Texas
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