Painting for sale. 100% of the profit will go to the anti domestic violence charity @lindasvoiceorg  NOW THAT'S KEEPING IT REAL. Email me if interested.
  • anniepreecePainting for sale. 100% of the profit will go to the anti domestic violence charity @lindasvoiceorg NOW THAT'S KEEPING IT REAL. Email me if interested.

  • anniepreece@lindasvoiceorg ;)
  • bennycruz🍉✨😊🌟👍
  • krakey11This is a great community that you have put together through your art. Very cool @anniepreece
  • digdug17#love this and your #work @anniepreece
  • tiffykphotosHell yes!
  • startwithapenBaaam!
  • audraluzellWhat a chode
  • tiffykphotosLol @audrabbandit I thought the same thing
  • chickenspeakThat's amazing
  • urbaneartisteYou have a very strange idea of property rights. Can the architect who designed your home come over and scream at you because you put up an extra wall, or would you have every right to do that?
  • midmourningartI think that you taking back your painting, after it was marked "free" makes it fair game and it's awesome you are donating the proceeds to charity. You did the right thing. @anniepreece
  • anniepreece@staycurly well, it was sold to him, he could do whatever he wants with it, and what he did was put it back on the street and mark it as free, so i took it. Now it is mine again and im free to sell it to raise money for charity. So sweetie, please tell me again how that's strange?
  • shadowmonsterbearThat's a really classy way to deal with all this ridiculousness. Way to make a positive impact, Annie.
  • urbaneartiste@anniepreece agreed that you can do what you want with it, but you seem upset that he did what he wanted with it while he owned it, and his criticism that you continually referred to it as your painting (even while describing actions that occurred while it was his) seems fair. It is now your painting, but there is a time when it wasn't, and you let that happen by asking a gallery to sell your work and make it someone else's.
  • anniepreece@staycurly yes that's right, I was upset, I think anyone would be. I was also upset that he used an "Annie Preece" painting. I didn't mean, mine as in I own it, I meant mine as in my name and my art. He made it a point to put my name out there. But I wasn't going to do anything, it was just pure luck that I managed to grab it. He could of wiped his ass on it for all I care, I was just more upset because I felt like he was making a mockery of me and the fact that I sell my paintings in galleries. Whatever, at the end of the day the whole thing is pretty stupid. I just hope that I can make some money for this charity.
  • bergzilla@staycurly also don't forget that these pieces would take time, and when you create something and pour effort into it just to have it carelessly ruined and for absolutely no purpose... Of course that's annoying! But in saying that.. @anniepreece love your work, whether it's in the street or gallery! You got mad respect coming from this way! And good on you for putting a positive spin on a negative situation! ❤😊👌
  • urbaneartiste@bergzilla no purpose? The artist had a purpose. It was a conceptual one which he has laid out quite clearly online. You may disagree with it but sometimes I disagree that an artist should have spent a month on a canvas and think the canvas would have been better if left blank, but I have to accept that an artist chose to do something for a purpose I disagree with.
  • anniepreece@staycurly actually Chod hit up every gallery in la trying to get a show after all this went down, he claimed he was "the hot new artist"because he destroyed my painting and called the press about it. it was a total publicity stunt and I have proof. The guy story is complete bullshit and I have emails to prove it. He's riding on my coattails. Fuck that guy.
  • anniepreece@staycurly the guy has changed his story five times over. Don't believe everything you read dear. Chod just got called the fuck out.
  • urbaneartiste@anniepreece damn. That's lame. Guess he knew he only had 15 minutes.
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