Get my song with @MarvinSapp Stay Prayed Up on #Itunes now! RT!
  • kandiGet my song with @MarvinSapp Stay Prayed Up on #Itunes now! RT!

  • rosemonnageIts on my playlist I stays prayed up
  • nyema_813The first time listening to ur song on the radio last wk, I cried it touched me so much. I called everyone to tune in to listening to ur song. The next day I gotta call that one of my friends I grew up with had got shot & killed, & I didn't now how to handle it. My mom told me to play ur song. This song gets me by through the day of thinking about my friend. I really appreciate God for giving u the voice & talent that u hv to put this song 2gether for me & others to hear. I've shared it with my friends family & they love it. Thanks @kandiburruss keeping doing ur thing. :-)
  • ivorysnow7Right
  • tavis_authorWow!! Powerful!!
  • aljojoxo@marilyngonz
  • missakaladyblue7777Amen so true
  • badgalmaggie@jeffreyeferreira
  • lpayne1977Love love this song. I listen to it least twice a day. Job well done. It's very relatable. Job well done @kandiburruss
  • lifeoflisajoThis song sticks in my head, love the hook!
  • gemini_tonyThis is my song
  • stepherring1986I love this song
  • hear u suing Kim @kandiburruss ... boo I say let it go.. ur empire is so better than hers and u have some much going on... Truthfully u should have gotten some thing for the song but hun let this just b a lesson learned and cont to stay prayed up cause she will crumble not you
  • Umm I think u should do bedroom Kandi for men or at least us non str8 men @kandiburruss
  • titansfan83@kandiburruss will xscape ever get back together
  • mar15linGot it love it
  • mrsladi87Amazing song I wanT to song this in my church
  • slj_womanonfireBeautiful!
  • _.adreyan._I <3 u and look up 2 u
  • vonitaturnerWat other songs are on this cd
  • vonitaturnerI'm the biggest. Fan ever
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