Annnd this is what happens when the girls go shopping #somanyfans #blessed
  • vanessahudgensAnnnd this is what happens when the girls go shopping #somanyfans #blessed

  • navysnowflakeWow lovely!
  • ebonie_98You are my idol I loved you in high school musical, you are my inspiration to start singing I used to have every thing about high school musical and still do when I watched you on tv I would try and get my voice like your and I finally did I love every thing about u from your voice to your acting and how beautiful and pretty you are I have always wanted to meet you never been able to when my parents separated your music and high school musical helped me a lot with trying to get through it because I was very young I think your beautiful and will always love you from your biggest fan please respond to this in anyway by liking one of my photos or a shout out or by following me please xxxxx
  • thefrenchiestwinsBiatch
  • davidcavinessKiss me
  • davidcavinessI'm boybelieber
  • raghdavh
  • fabulouslovebrI'm very proud of you, I'm happy to be your fan ❤ @vanessahudgens
  • vanacovic@vanessahudgens Vanessa I just wanted to say that u are SO SO SO beautiful! Actually,perfect to me! I love you! You have always been my rolemodel! I love everything you do! I'm just sad that u don't make albums anymore..cuz u should,your voice is great! And I can't wait to see Spring breakers!! :D I love all your movies! U are such a great actress and singer! I love you so much! Big Hi from your CROATIAN FAN! <3 Vanessa keep it up! :)
  • davidcaviness@overauhling no she is mine😠
  • insta_claudieParis 😍 hummmmmm !!! Hausseman St. Lazard. I love that
  • evitahxLike she would tell you . Your such a dumb ass thats private info ur not her bfff . @milkshakeforbellaanddani
  • cess0295such a beautiful place!
  • mauroforte63👍
  • ____saaedLOOL
  • golden.wayOMGGGGG, I LOVE YOU 😔❤
  • necib10Paris > AMAZING
  • jennayyy_6_Their probably just shopping too
  • luna120400Wow
  • awannewu@lizlizzalizzie if u want to have the fame like any other celebrity, it's not easy as u think ... they have to memorize things, continuing school until graduate, work for a new album, do things for ur fans to keep going, etc. I'm not a celebrity.... but ik it takes alot of work to keep going, nonstop
  • xwendybieberxOmg <3
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