Home Team since day 1. Good to see us all still getting Money.
  • akonHome Team since day 1. Good to see us all still getting Money.

  • tal2dayMuah 😘 @akon_
  • mrmontzLooking like a budget drake and kanye west hahaha
  • wujun99
  • angel_vince202Akon akon i like ur swagg shaa. That yellow one is a fine boi oooo
  • derekisbell33Your my favorite singer of all time
  • alimoe__Hey write back to me when I write to OK!!!!!
  • xnazzxoooh
  • martinanadalinnea@binzo hahhahahahahahahahahhahaha jag orkar inte med sin dubbelgångare
  • binzohahahaha!! @martinawidenberg
  • misskj6African nigga doing big 💰👑💋
  • mams_al@akon Frensh Montana Give a Help To you Father in Morocco, He Is Living in The Streets and cant Find Food to Eat 😡
  • asiani26Akon where have u been ? 😱😳
  • spaysiHaaaannnnnn'
  • akonbHolla at ya boy,big bruv
  • amidou_king100Classy bro
  • rerayrodz@akon I know French and of course I know u, but whose the other guy in the pic???!?!
  • mamiagal4ethey have to chop al ya money to things that you don't have anymore lol
  • randieloversBeautiful *
  • fumar420What up man I'm fumar
  • gamelordthegreat@akon where can I submit Music to Konvict??It's About Time for something New and Different and Authentic I'm Ready Been Ready Stay Ready Would Love to Be apart of The Team...Holla..
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