Me and Matt Ryan
  • hairweavekillerMe and Matt Ryan

  • likklenattyrae@macyylayne I don't he is fine as fuck though
  • teearra.joyner23So damn sexy
  • araedupont#hairweavekiller #2chainz but I got me a few on #chainchainz
  • _cairom_@49ers made Matty Ice look like a bitch
  • jonjonunicycleXxcairoxx, actually Matty I've spanked that ass in the 1st half and y'all escaped the dome with a win in the second, and have NO ring to show for it. Haha
  • _cairom_@jonjonunicycle don't matter what happened in the 1st half all that matters is who wins faggot. And the Falcons have NO rings period lol yall have NEVER won a Super Bowl LMAO Falcons are garbage
  • atlwillyumThe 49ers are fucking lame as hell. It's funny throughout the whole 2000's I completely forgot about them until of last year. And also the 49ers are faggots I mean they come from San Fran so yeah....
  • jonjonunicycle@xxcairoxx fuck outta here cocksucker we've owned the 49ers for the last 10 years, congratulations on finally beating us. If you're even from SF, otherwise, congrats 49ers and their bitch ass little bandwagon fan
  • _cairom_@jonjonunicycle and what do they have to show for it? NOTHING not one Super Bowl championship lol even the Raiders have one a couple! And obviously you need ur eyes checked out dipshit I gota tattoo of California with a star over the Bay Area on my chest dipshit I ain't no fair weather fan
  • _cairom_*won a couple
  • shaunjohn12How many Steelers win can you guys refresh my Pittsburgh memory??? @xxcairoxx @jonjonunicycle :-)))))))
  • _cairom_@shaunjohn12 well last season they were 8-8 and lost to the Browns :))) or were u talking about SB wins?
  • shaunjohn12@xxcairoxx easy now last season was rough , I deff meant Super Bowls you understand tho when the 49ers get 6 you will be rubbing it in too lol like ya did about falcons with none because it fun! Lol
  • _cairom_@shaunjohn12 idkk why you'd have a problem with the 9ers if ur a steelers fan. I hate the steelers cus of all the fair weather fans
  • shaunjohn12I will say yhis @xxcairoxx I can respect very very much 49ers tradition ..... Now the cowgirls that's another story they certainly aren't "America's Team"
  • shaunjohn12Na I don't got a prob with the 9ers and just me I know all about those fair weather fans I mean I live here 10 mins from the stadium this and and always will b my team I like the 49ers cause they got same time of tradition @xxcairoxx
  • swxnk.cMATT SORRY
  • ms._integrityYou have a nice smile and you should do smile more often
  • poochie85lovelyladyDamn I love me sum u @hairweavekiller
  • lexitaylor7❤️❤️❤️
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