I am so in love with this woman! @kaillowry
  • javim9I am so in love with this woman! @kaillowry

  • gretagrammDoes Anyone know if Leah had her baby?
  • nabilatorres_esqYes she did @gretagramm
  • jaidenjulianThank you! @luvlymme89
  • interfc8No she didn't she had a miscarriage @gretagramm
  • cherylmb87@tennisstar03 no that before..she got pregnant again and had the baby
  • falloutmama_@tennisstar03 She got pregnant again, not the pregnancy that was on tv the other night.
  • interfc8Oh okay thanks for filling me in!!!! @amagrum sorry for saying that!! @weirdgirlcheryl
  • gretagramm@nabilatorres thanks!
  • b_rod_25@javim9 @kaillowry Skype dates are the best! Jealous of you two! :) congrats on your graduation too...and Kail welcome to the military family... its wonderful! Keep your head up and just stay strong and proud..
  • amberdawnmayesAnyone who has a Facebook look up "Mandy Leigh Love Photography" like her page then like the picture of Tanner Aaron Teasley!!! Please please guys we need your help! You must like both things for the vote to count. Every vote counts and we really appreciate it and can't thank you enough!!
  • beelo_0720Where you at for tech bro?? From one airman to another! @javim9
  • cheetospicepoo brain
  • zina_ggirlShe looks like shriek sometimes!
  • stephanie657301@gretagramm @tennisstar03 she had the baby feb 4th for those who dont belive Leah had the baby you can go to her actual facebook page (leah dawn calvert) the one with over 233,000 subscribers and her about info says "i have 3 beautiful daughters, married to the love of my life Jeremy" and we now have our beautiful babygirl with us" so that is coming from leah.... :) happy for them!!
  • isusie86So sweet!!!
  • gretagramm@stephanie657301 that's weird that there are no pictures and no name I mean she post pictures of her twins all the time
  • theldolls@javim9 so cute! I don't know either of you pero sigan adelante y nunca dejen q las malas lenguas los traten de separar. El amor vence todo
  • stephanie657301@gretagramm yea but i guess bc of her contract with mtv she cant.... But if you have facebook go on her page with the 233,000 subscribers & look at her "about info" it says it there
  • queen_reannPerf
  • philli_jSo why u guys not together anymore
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