Introducing the new assistant D-line coach of the #Texans, 17-year NFL veteran Jeff Zgonina
  • houstontexansIntroducing the new assistant D-line coach of the #Texans, 17-year NFL veteran Jeff Zgonina

  • dcooley17@kevinb2000 shut up! How old are you 7?
  • kjman1256I Thought they were going to go to Super Bowl
  • _mdiii_But yet the one who couldn't put up points and texans have a great defense we where number 1 until or glue Brian Cushing went out @ihateabroham
  • daniel_benavidezJohnny Manziel should be our QB when schaub leaves I saw @jmanziel2 play in the cotton bowl he was great. They should scout Johnny Manziel.
  • isaacfausettHell yea b------s
  • 0g.trvllReally
  • eddie_oprinca14Obviously he isn't @katyperryismygf
  • el_jaedgarbomb88Bring a Damn qb dammit...
  • randyprice1If Schaub didn't have a vagina he would be better @jay_anali
  • fabulouslibra84These little boys with their metrosexual pictures on Instagram need to focus on learning facts correctly. I love my Houston Texans but Schaub has the to go!!!
  • di.don.lifestyleNo r u
  • jacob_steinman99Is he good?
  • kingkhan459Puck schub he sucks.
  • hunterjanik76Shaub has three best friends, Arian Foster, the ground, and the other teams cornerbacks. Im saying this as a major Texans fan.
  • eric_garcia345Lets go giants nation wow
  • jamesmcgaha98No need to say these things bout schaub if any of you were true texan fans you would encourage this team not attack it with harsh accusiatons! Yes i do agree schaubs been letting us down so has almost every other player i say we pick us up a rookie qb work him and schaub hard and make schaub fight for his spot then he will get better and so will our rookie and dont forget tj hes prittty damn good for all the play time he gets lets get our team back in the air and runnin on the ground and sacking the other teams qb and taking that ball from them lets not throw a six pic lets make one lets demolish every team in the regular season then go to the playoffs and flip tue scores the patriots put on us lets make nfl history and got to this nxt superbowl and lets win it by whatever score high or low we are the texans we are #1 no one can stop us when we play us as a team not greenbay not new england nor dallas baltimore or even the broncos lets show them how your suppose to play football! Texans style repersent the best city in the best state in the best country on the best planet in exsistence lets show em texans
  • nathan_sommerThis is the most damn right post I have ever seen on this account. This kid right here is telling the absolute truth. U r an awsome kid an I couldn't agree more so thank you and all of u that trash talk Shaub just put a cork in it because he is our qb and we need to appreciate who he is. Thank you @mcgahaswagg
  • cambam722mcgahaswagg u are awesome finally someone knows what's going on
  • famous_dunkerThat's earl mitchee
  • 4god2god1missionIf you go back and watch ALL of the games we lost there is a clear weakness on our team. When Cush got hurt we became vulnerable over the middle. The first week without Cushing we played Green Bay and all they did was quick little passes across the middle on mismatched linebackers. Our next loss? Weeks later against the patriots. What happened? Hernandez, Welker, Gronk all over the middle. Nobody could cover them. Without Cushing, we had no chance. In the next loss the only 2 touchdowns we gave up were up the middle, one on a pass to a tight end being covered by a linebacker! The only game I would blame on Schaub was the loss to Indy. That still would have put our record at 15-1 14-2 as the worst case scenario.
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