Hey nail buffs, are you getting the full CND Shellac service at your salon?
  • cndworldHey nail buffs, are you getting the full CND Shellac service at your salon?

  • nailjerksNo, I need to get a light!!
  • heatherdigou@cndworld our clients love Shellac. It's very popular! We are loving the new colors! Keep them coming!
  • brittanycloudxxHow and where can you purchase one?
  • nicole_lyonsI only wear CND Shellac!!!!
  • wenmdYou can order it from your distributor or from CND. If you are licensed @brittanycloudxx
  • brittanycloudxxOk great thanks!
  • nailsbytashalynnU guys reeaallyy need better color selections... my clients pick up the OPI gel polish 1st. Ijs bolder and more vibrant is def needed by cnd.
  • _babyaddamsYes! Your amazing CND Education Ambassador, Ingrid Deckelman, is head of our nail department & she's great!
  • sammisparkles@dislilightomine there are hundreds of colours to choose from when you layer and incorporate the additives, it's great for your creativity also =D
  • nailsbytashalynnYea but u know how most peeps r they want to see 1st hand what the colours actually look like.. and depending on how much/little additive u add to the color no color mix will ever b the same. However I love the system just want more vibrant variety to save time.
  • nailsbytashalynn@sammisparkles read above
  • sammisparklesI have only put the additive into the inhibition layer. I have colour pops with the combinations I have thought of. They are a great visual aid. You are right, clients want to see the colour as it is very difficult to explain to a client what you see in your mind =] x
  • nicole_lyonsYes and I love it!
  • beautybee.ty@farahmariea
  • roooosh_87Hello , I'd like to ask if there's any branch for cnd in kuwait?????
  • adrianita00Quisiera comprar como puedo?
  • nadjabarney@arbokvieracht 💘 + lilac 💋
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