On chill in The White House movie Room😎 all red everything :) wow what a night.......
  • therealswizzzOn chill in The White House movie Room😎 all red everything :) wow what a night.......

  • bcthegreatOh and before you jump the gun i hold no political ties to any party..whoever is trying to help the people is who i support!!!!!
  • thatsmrgoretoyouThat jacket tho! #boss
  • bcthegreat@jon1one2 thank you for the spell check,but i ment what i said even ( tho) my grammer was off congress has this country going down the drain and we all are sitting back watching
  • bcthegreatI thought you had to wrk in quarters to recieve unemployment? That dont sound free to me .
  • snyishereSwizzyぐらいにγͺるとそんγͺδΊ‹γ‚‚γ§γγ‚“γ§γ™γ‹οΌŸγ™γ”γ„γ­γ€‚
  • iamkerryloveU guys didnt study much in american gov class i see. Smh #dreambigger
  • mzjaxkzonAll red everythang .....AWESOME
  • sukkafree_beast@therealswizzz now its ur resoonsibilty to make sure more kids get the chances GOD HAS GIVEN U WHICH I KNOW U WOULD THE HOODS CHAMP
  • melllxx3@e_elias07 agree
  • the_romano_kidPeople keep telling him he needs to help the hood, youth, bronx, community. But he does already !! Look it up! He was just in his old school in the bronx. Yes he has money but there's only so much he can try to do to help his community. Some people are just ignorant and would rather him give out cash to everyone instead of building futures.
  • iamehigiator1@the_romano_kid_photography well said
  • mr_tee7πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
  • stnick90006SWEET! & Ur Lady Was Stunning! :-)
  • troytraylorYo Swizzz you look like you chilling at the Sundance Film Festival.
  • soka_child85NICE!
  • dregul8orAye dawg, do u got cargo pockets on ur slacks doe
  • flacko10@therealswizzz what it do my Bruva where getting a lot of new stuff on feb 2, feb 15 and end of feb I gave you my info at the originals store on Wooster AND PRINCE ADIDAS
  • marinosworldI be there !
  • live_laugh_amor<~ JEALOUS! 😱
  • davidson_frereSharp swizzz. Lets get you suited up
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