Mission: Locate my old body. #fitness #health
  • reevasteenkampMission: Locate my old body. #fitness #health

  • harbabes08Ur so gorgeous! U didn't deserve to leave the world this soon:(
  • diannechristian46I will always pray for you. ♥
  • thatpersondereYou weren't supposed to leave this world yet RIP Reeva :'(
  • georgehclarkeR. I. P 😓
  • rude_gyal_stephensRip
  • l_arsenal09Rip
  • xkat_dxRIP Reeva. God needed another angel 👼
  • sophiemalarkeyyou were beautiful😔💞
  • 3_love_hemReeva, I have never met you but I am already missing u so much. I feel so disappointed and completely shattered that a stunning beauty like u is gone. I have never seen such an amazing girl in my life. You are the most beautiful girl in this world. I wish u rest in peace and I truly love u so much for being such an caring and beloved person. I wish u didn't had to suffer such tragic death, we will always remember you, you are still existing In my life almost every day I type your name in YouTube and look at your videos.
  • karing26Rip our beautiful Reeva you will be missed more than u ever know .
  • arealfuckingglitterboyRIP REEVA YOU BEAUTIFUL HUMAN BEING
  • shellyharper100I hope Oscar rots in jail, you were a beautiful women and even though I haven't met you, you are an amazing person. May God be with you in the heavens above, rest in peace. I pray for your family and for you every day. Love from Katya Harper
  • siciliangal57♥♥
  • hernameisolivia__RIP reeva love ya
  • _noattentionforfuckboysRip Reeva ❤️🙏👼🙏 i miss you.!
  • mslisamicheleeMiss youuuu princess ❤️
  • p.teetz777Rip😭
  • merapi1973Rip 😒
  • iamdfhQEPD😢😢
  • nnamdi.n16Rip
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