New #TheTruth alert.
  • elliottwilsonNew #TheTruth alert.

  • junielonglegsYes. Just short of hipster attention whore, and I hate using hipster
  • nc_queensthey invited him to perform, he played that opportunity wisely ! far from crying for attention when they booked him
  • kingdeucezNo... He's stuck to the same beliefs and people attack him because our president's black. Listen to American Terrorist from F&L 1. The world (media & viewers) downplays people when they are rebellious.
  • kingdeucezOr go against the norm.
  • brittanybeautyWhere did this Lupe rebel phase come from? I love me some Lupe but I dont wanna hear all that politics shit! Okay he doesnt like Obama cool but come on man! @elliottwilson
  • fabfreshandflyHe's an attention whore. Next thing you know he will have a VH1 reality show.
  • thefreshaddictWhat @fabfreshandfly said...People fail to realize Lupe performing the song wasn't the issue it was him repeating the same bar and performing the same 4min song for 30mins...
  • fallbackdigitalNo the world and the media u should know u part of it Lupe is as real as it gonna get
  • fedifetcherHe deserves much respect to stand ground and speak his beliefs publicly. Give that man Lupe a round of a applause for speaking truth and being heard.
  • n_jettelYes he loves it!
  • fallbackdigitalEveryone like fake no one like real anymore only real fake
  • jaysupreme1Yup...thirsty
  • voodoojournalist💺💺💺
  • riceowlettuhhhhhhhhhv course!
  • riceowlettlol @voodoojournalist
  • temp101Yep
  • kapaleihahah now come one doe, how is another man suppose to know if lupe loves controversy unless he is lupe himself?? besides, it aint like lupe lied in what he said...
  • _4everbright_^^ @urnigganthony Real Shit
  • aomareI respect what Elliott Wilson had done for hip-hop, however I’m quite disappointed that he took this stance on the Lupe incident. Hip-hop is built on raging against the machine and anti-establishment, just because some rappers are commercial doesn't mean the art form or the culture has to sell out too. If you want hits, talk to the Rick Ross or Drake, but the rest of us intelligent listeners want the truth, not more “drop down and get your eagle on.” I also didn't understand the point of mentioning the fumbled Tribe lyrics, what does that have to do with human rights?. Protesting the label? He had to do that because they were having issues with his album, I’m guessing part of it had to do with political lyrics, think about it. Attacking Keef? C’mon son, everyone should be attacking Keef. He is bad for hip-hop, bad for the culture, and he needs serious guidance. If you’re going to make a case on Lupe, make it reasonable.
    Ask yourself, was it Lupe looking for controversy or the promoter and venue? When it’s well documented that Lupe, and millions of others, believe that when you praise Pres. Obama for all the good you have to also criticize him for the bad. He is ordering drone attacks that kill innocent people and in no way are making us safer. Yes, Lupe’s comments may come off as Anti-Obama, but if you really dig deep, understand that he’s standing up for human rights, which is exactly what MLK stood for and I’m not sure if MLK would agree with Obama’s foreign policy actions. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” – MLK
  • thebadguy7xlLupe is stupid.
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