Audra McDonald bringing down the house @HumanRightsCampaign #OutForEquality #HRC #LGBT #Equality #EqualityMatters #All50States
  • sophiabushAudra McDonald bringing down the house @HumanRightsCampaign #OutForEquality #HRC #LGBT #Equality #EqualityMatters #All50States

  • psimadethis@sophiabush 💘
  • alyssabomben@sophiabush as if I didn't love you enough already. You are amazing. Xo
  • lauren.spence_respect. #samelove #equalityforall
  • ashleykingaroo@sophiabush you are seriously perfect! And the people who don't see that can go Brooke themselves!
  • helloimaddisonSophia Bush you are so inspiring, I honestly don't understand why people are so against it. I am straight, catholic, hell my entire family is conservative but I still dont see the issue. If two people love each other that much they deserve the right to be married. Marriage exceeds the realms of religion, its something more than that and everyone deserves the chance to experience it. So to the people out there that refuse to open their minds and hearts I feel sorry for you. Sorry that you cannot see that love goes beyond a man and a woman and because of that you will never truly see the beauty in love. #loveislove
  • rannddyyyI wish I had seen this before. It's quite discouraging to think that there are still people with such closed minds. And cold hearts. So a same sex couple wants to get married say "congratulations!" If we all just stopped judging one another we'd live in a happier world. Don't you want that? You would feel better about yourself and perhaps not have to judge others. Please find it in your heart to open your eyes and appreciate the beauty in the world. If we were all the same our world would be the most boring place. Appreciate our differences, they're what make us truly unique. Just love. All love. It's as simple as that.
  • kristinelizabeth23@SophiaBush ❤❤❤❤
  • smiley8907All of you comparing gay marriage rights to pedophilia are ridiculous! There is absolutely no difference between a gay marriage vs. a straight one. They are all adults and they are in love. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it! It is beautiful! Please stop being so close minded and think how you would feel. As for the religious aspect, God created everyone a certain way, gave everyone their own look. How many people go get plastic surgery and change that look? Now that they have a new nose, or bigger breasts, does that mean they are no longer accepted by religion because it is not "how they were meant to be?" NO! They did it because it makes them happy. So why do same sex couples not have the right to be happy by committing their life to love another person? Point being almost everything these days can be broken down and analyzed by other people to say that "it's not right" but every single person has a different outlook, a different thought on life, that does not mean because one person does not like it that it should be banned or illegal? Is marrying somebody you just met because you are drunk in vegas right? Is cheating on your spouse right? Because those things still happen... They are not illegal? So why should same sex mariage be?!
  • 23haloWell said Soph @sophiabush. Amazing inspiration. You have such a huge heart full of love <3
  • peacelove_rayI'm Gay... And I've Never Touched A Child, I've Never Touched An Animal, And Statistically Nearly 95% Of "Sexual Assault" Criminals Are Straight Men... Yet No One Condemns Straight People Forcing Them To Alllll Be Generalized In The Same Category. Also, More Serial Killers, Drug Addicts, Pedophiles And Murders Are Again Mostly Straight Males... But No One Seems To Say All Straight People Are Sick Twisted Fucks. I Am Gay... I'll Continue To Be Gay, Regardless Of What Ignorant, Simple Minded People Believe... If You Don't Believe in Gay Marriages, Then Don't Have A Gay Marriage... Its As Simple As That.
  • ashleighmgray@sophiabush you are truly a goddess who walks among us. i only wish that people learn to accept what is love and put aside their hatred.
  • emilyuliano@sophiabush you are my rolemodel
  • ayeyonettePeople amaze me everyday. And for one of my favorite actresses and as one of my idols I commend thee on taking action and fighting for something you believe in. People may hate you and judge you. They'll disagree and argue. All I got to say is good for you. It means you fought for something in your life. As a woman in love with another woman it's hard. We can't go out and do what straight people do because we get bashed and I once got trash thrown at me. It's a struggle but nothing I can't handle. I love my girlfriend more than anything. And just the fact that you're fighting for gays to be free. It's the same as fighting for me. So thank you! You're truly inspiring and amazing. And just by reading this... You've changed my life to want to help in this fight for freedom of love. I wish I could do more. But I just want to say I am truly thankful there are people like you in this world. There needs to be more of you @sophiabush. ❤
  • nancymizrahiSOPHIA can i say it anymore? I. Love. Youuuu and LOVED that comment💜
  • nancymizrahiLol She told all u guys off! And people argue that women dont deserve equality?#BindersAreBeast
  • randileadawnPreach it! #samelove #equalityforall
  • gracieschulteYou are my idol. #equalityforall @sophiabush
  • itsjemhicksLove is louder #equalityforall #inspiration @sophiabush
  • jamieeraewyn💙💛💙💛💙💛
  • clara.bellucci@sophiabush 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 you really should be a motivational speaker. Just imagine how many people you could help! Not that you don't already 👏👏👏👏👏
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