holy cow.
  • chrissyteigenholy cow.

  • nessadoanPerfection.
  • xtine_marlana@ladychannel55 lol, no I'm sorry. In America she's Asian. Mixed or what not. Just being politically correct.😉
  • mulania007@chrissy_teigen I'm so sorry that every time you post a pic of you and your fiancé,racist comments/ignorant people feel that they can just ruin it just b e cause you date out of your race. What's messed up is that race is socialized. There is no such thing!
  • rhlpThanks @suitablegirl. That was all I was looking for--an explanation to better understand the statement so I can learn, not a snarky reply. I appreciate the breakdown. 😊
  • suitablegirl@geoffgrams My, aren't you a tough man, talking shit to me without tagging me. You're like the coward who whispers an insult once their target has left. Pathetic.
  • suitablegirl@rhlp Glad to be of service, no matter how infinitesimal. :)
  • kevincurran99@aakramer1973 you are pathetic BIGTIME
  • suitablegirl@karlaabitesyouu Jesus may have let shit go, but he was perfect, I'm not. You can FRO, and out of my business.
  • themerandalexandriashowHonestly I don't what everyone keeps going on about... piggybacking on ol sh@t said by others a time ago! This couple is great black, white or indifferent. End of story... move on
  • halistemple@chrissy_teigen you guys married?
  • callmemechelleALL I WANT IS FOR @chrissy_teigen to PLEASEEEE speak to meeee!! PLEASEEEE SAY HI OR SOMETHING :) I'm a huge fan and u are very beautiful.. And let John read this and he can comment also THAT WOULD MAKE ME THE HAPPIEST PERSON EVERRRRR!! :))
  • callmemechelle@allainasines and I know I'm late but .. Thanks for speaking up.. Not everyone knows how to do the right thing all the time.. YOU GO GIRL!!
  • callmemechelle@chrissy_teigen @johnlegend I know you guys read your comments , do a 18 year old a favor and speak PLEASEE!! :) it would be the best birthday present
  • allaina.brianne@callmemechelle No worries, girlfriend! Any time and EVERY time until it is no more! Love sees no color.
  • wild_n_free_@natunatata c sa copine, t'avait pas dit que c'etait un sale coureur d'jupon? Ou jme trompe?
  • picassosammera👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌
  • carablanca000Love this pic!
  • applicationdriventoy@samanthahoopes_ Chrissy & John have an IN with Prez Obama ~ perhaps they can help get your autographed copy of "The Audacity of Hope" 📖
  • ______c.______😍😍😍😍😍
  • shaina_dubinskiy106 weeks deep and still goals
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