What a night! Celebrating at the @HumanRightsCampaign #HRC ball was a personal highlight. Clearly I was giddy. Still am. #equalitymatters
  • sophiabushWhat a night! Celebrating at the @HumanRightsCampaign #HRC ball was a personal highlight. Clearly I was giddy. Still am. #equalitymatters

  • blayke1227Beautiful @sophiabush
  • xjoecheWOw! @sophiabush
  • leeseixasUouuu beautiful, love u <3
  • katiepiccioniThe amount that I love you is ridiculous I watch one tree hill everyday. I just love you #brookedavis #oth #loveyou @sophiabush
  • nicolekatibeWish you would notice me. I love you so much. 😢😔 @sophiabush
  • annaeksLove the dress!
  • weifurAwesome cause
  • taylor_lpSophia, I love you and Brooke! I love and admire how you support everything you do, like standing up for same sex marriages and all the human rights stuff! you're one of my biggest role models and I just love you so much ❤❤❤
  • _sanudoYou're the definition of perfection 😭😍
  • bre_kumarSo you are pretty much the epitome of awesome! 😍
  • t.gardsYour so amazing, so dissapointed you havent been in many movies or tv shows, you are so gorgeous I hope to be like you, go in another movie or show please. ...Tilly.... Australia
  • sfarieriPretty
  • martheemilieaYou are so beautiful @sophiabush it's crazy
  • 5up3rmnWill you please Marry Me?! I have a huge crush on you! Beautiful!
  • amunoz226You are the most ideal example of what I would hope to be one day! I have had a shameless woman crush on you for forever! You're stunningly beautiful with a sexy voice! Your philanthropic lifestyle is inspiring to say the very least. You use your celebrity power for amazing causes and are not afraid of going outside the box for what you believe in (GO GIRL!). An inspiration and beautiful, my favorite celebrity by FAR, thank you for everything you do! ❤️❤️
  • dina_razekYou and the OTH fam mean so much to me 💕 I wish I could meet you one day
  • calebaretaOur favorite actress!! @educret17 wish we could meet her!!
  • ethducThat's not my favorite actress...yours maybe @calebareta
  • blanca_babyy@depazjay :)
  • joseesolis3_One of the most beautiful women I have ever seen.
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