Everyone go follow the founder of Element Skateboards @johnnyschillereff!! He's an awesome dude and has backed me since i was 7 years old👍
  • nyjahEveryone go follow the founder of Element Skateboards @johnnyschillereff!! He's an awesome dude and has backed me since i was 7 years old👍

  • thaheftylefty@johnnyschillereff thanks for caring about the people
  • garyg94@johnnyschillereff could you hook me up with an element deck?
  • jxrm@johnnyschillereff Manufacture more in America, no skate shoe company makes shoes in the US. Maybe be the first? And I know that those decks the pros ride and the ones that are on sale at Sports Chalet are not the same. Don't Lie
  • hilyfe1There all the same shape just go shred an stop bitching about the deck just because you cant skate them i have never had a problem with element or plan b an go get your board at a Dam skate shop
  • mac_run31What happened to Tosh Townsend he was on Element a long time
  • lxvi2_0Anyone mind giving me some tips on how to get sponsored
  • juictin_Tosh Towned? @megamartin27 he's on dogtown
  • derekj_36Dang that is one heck of a guy
  • johnnyschillereff@jxrm > Wow, I tried to be kind and open but your just not giving me much of a chance. Your Sports Chalet comment all depends on if your talking completes or decks on their own and the construction. Sorry to disappoint you but generally speaking, especially if it's featherlight construction, it's the same board the team riders ride. I've been making skateboards most my life and there's nothing wrong with entry level boards to get kids going and provide a product they can afford, as long as the quality is there. Sorry to disappoint you; maybe Element / Plan B's just not for you. That's all good, as long as you're having fun and being compassionate. Peace.
  • ryanhutchison@johnnyschillereff word^ keep up the good work man
  • johnnyschillereff@hilyfe1 > Always filming but no set date yet. Thanks for asking as following. We will keep you posted.
  • johnnyschillereff@lxvi2_0 > Skate hard and humble until you get noticed, and have fun. Peace.
  • akmalrowley@johnnyschillereff youre the best!
  • dirtbag213@nyjah_huston i know im nobody to you but if anything hes defining u in that wall u are thee best and u define element and skateboarding keep up the good work and ill take ur word even do my comment might not mean anything but keep up the good work
  • lxvi2_0@beatsbymarcus who or where should i send it to
  • lxvi2_0Alright @beatsbymarcus thanks for the advise
  • richielamarrIt,
  • richielamarrIt would be so cool to meet him
  • jokers_skate_shop@johnnyschillereff please shoot me an email Corey@jokersskateshop.com
  • elijahsk8rShout out brother?
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