This photo of #Beyonce will be photoshopped in about 5...4...3...2... #inaug2013 #straightfromthea
  • iamatlienThis photo of #Beyonce will be photoshopped in about 5...4...3...2... #inaug2013 #straightfromthea

  • gumbumperLove it
  • 847pmHer lace fronts are everything, the only kind that should be sold.
  • tratra_jersey69Beautiful
  • tiffsweetreatslip-sync!!!
  • baddierey@847pm Ummm...That's NOT A Lave Front... @cyrenarose And She Sung LIVE W/ The Backing Track Playing...YouTube It....
  • tiffsweetreats@baddie_rey ok if you say so...but spell words correctly when you are CORRECTING someone. 'lave front' & 'backing track' FOH!
  • baddierey@cyrenarose First & Foremost, I Was Typing Fast...And Don't Get Mad B/c You Wish You Had Her Hair...And Backing Track Isn't Misspelled, So Educate Yourself....
  • 847pm@baddie_rey no it's not a lave front it's a LACE FRONT. Bey has been rocking them for years are you serious with this?? That was no shade, they are everything. Very high quality.
  • baddierey@847pm You Must Didn't Read Mu Previous Statement...I Said, "I Was Typing Fast & Must've Hit The V (Which Is Next To The "C" By Mistake)...I Know She Been Rocking LACE FRONTS From Years, But She's Been Wearing Her Real (Along W/ Tracks & Etc.) Since The Birth Of Blue...If You've Been Following Her Hairstyles Since Pregnancy, She's Been Wearing Her REAL More Out...She Hasn't Rocked A Lace Front Since The "I Am...Sasha Fierce" Era...Just Saying....
  • baddierey@847pm My* Previous Statement
  • 847pm@baddie_rey I'm unable to comment on pics you tag me in from a private page but yes that was a lacefront as well. Perhaps you should speak to a professional who knows extensions well. MANY celebs, male and female, wearing lacefronts in the industry. Excellent quality wigs and obviously serving their purpose since you believe thats her hair. Again, zero shade. Just facts.
  • baddierey@847pm I Didn't Say It Was ALL Her Hair, However, I Do Know A Lot About Weaves, Since I'm Always Getting My Hair Done In A Shop...And This Is All My Hair...No Lace Front, Tracks, Nor Bondings... I Don't Need To Talk To No One, I Know About It & Got Female Friends...She Is Wearing A WEAVE (Some Tracks), But NOT A Lace Front....
  • baddierey@847pm And If You Can't Tell That's NOT That's Her Scalp & Her Hair Being Shown, then Maybe You Need To Talk To Someone, Who's Licensed Who Does Hair...Not Being Funny, Just Saying...And No Need To Comment, I'm Tired Replying To A Dead Horse...And Will Block After This....
  • 847pm@baddie_rey lol block?? Why tag me in pics days later then? You're right. You're tired. Vamoose.
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