Mr. Prez
  • badgalririMr. Prez

  • _kaylamarie____Bush put this country a mess and while people saying obama didnt do anything good, he didnt have enough time to get this country back...Anyways Heyyy rihannaaa!!!! ur amazing @badgalriri
  • prynce_rajSup dad
  • born_dat_wayYou should of put "rih"
  • 901.62M name is o h to the o v I use to move snowflakes by the o z I guess even back the u could call me CEO of the roco
  • dovah_fettFour dead in Benghazi, hundreds dead from unauthorized gun sales in Mexico, storing every email, phone call, and text message, misusing the IRS, pushing bullshit "health care reform" which is already causing businesses to let people go because the costs are too high. And if #Obamacare is so great, how come the members of congress and senate who backed the damn thing don't have to use it?
  • dovah_fett@Kaykay1604 before you go spouting off that "it's Bush's fault" (a tired excuse by now) try educating yourself beyond MSNBC or Comedy Central.
  • _kaylamarie____Thanks for the information!!! I’ll keep your advice into consideration but for now im cool @zootown_illa
  • dovah_fettWell, ignorance is bliss. When we've got a President who is so willing to silence his detractors by any means necessary, you should be worried. Because f a guy that you support can do it to people you don't like, then someone who you don't support can use those same measures against you. If the IRS can harass groups who believe in small government, low taxes, and support the constitution simply because what they believe opposed this administration, who's to say the IRS under a future administration won't do that to groups who oppose them (be they conservative or liberal). Obama is not that cool, he's not that smart, and his ideals are so completely against the founders of this country that he will destroy everything that we knew to be America. There's legit proof beyond the conspiracy kooks. You'd better educate yourself beyond "OMG we gotta cool black pres!!!"
  • marinaa_loveFuck Obama he is the worst president and an evil one at that fuck u all who r try a make a one world government it's not about having a cool president we should have. A president who respects God and follows the rules instead of tryna destroy our constitution
  • ontherun.fromthepoliceOBAMA IS THE BEST PRESIDENT EVER HEHEHEHEHE @marinaa_love
  • ontherun.fromthepoliceOBAMA IS THE BEST PRESIDENT EVER HEHEHEHEHE @marinaa_love
  • spynewz007I stand with President Barack Obama: 56 straight months of job growth, a stock market that is soaring and that has more than doubled during his time as president, deficits cut in half, saved the U.S. auto industry that (like our U.S. economy had collapsed when he first came into office, our economy is stronger than just about any other economy in the world with companies logging record profits, 10 million more Americans now covered with health insurance, graduation rates are up, more Americans are working than when he first took office. THANK YOU President Obama!! Some of the best economic news in years!
  • spynewz007...and by every metric, the national healthcare plan The Heritage Foundation wrote in league with the health insurance companies as commissioned by the Republicans and first tested in Massachusetts by Gov Mitt Romney and later adopted in January 2009 by President Obama now known as Obamacare, is working, covering more Americans, and saving money!!!!!
  • osurle_txrWhos this...? Im don trillion cells.
  • swankycharly@slnfrlt
  • dopelins@sarahlings 😂 😂 i don't think that bitch heard my name
  • sarahlingsHahahha ! You bet she didn't @dopelins
  • onlydrea_#RihIntroduce
  • burningseas😉 still love RiRi after all these years. 😂
  • itsonlyme527>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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