Out and about!
  • teresagiudiceOut and about!

  • cayenne_xxx@teresagiudice such a nice pic been watching since season 1 no matter what still love you! Love from Australia! Xxxx
  • tifnsaccThat Has to be the cutiest pic of you T. @teresagiudice
  • coco._bellaClassy @teresagiudice
  • halawa_baklawaHow come u have no pics with Ur brother or his wife! 😔 It breaks my heart when u to dont get along! Nothing should come between u guys!! Accept the challenge and make it work for the sake of Ur familys!!! Love u @teresagiudice Ur my favorite Crazyass hw! Xo
  • natalienikolovski@kem43210 lol so good! I can't even handle how dumb u are in RHONJ seriously I cringe at how stupid u r....I'm not even kidding I actually think u may possibly have some for of a chemical imbalance in the brain. No jokes. I feel sorry for u :( u have no family or real friends :( when does ur contract on the show run out so over ur marge Simpson voice
  • nikkifox35Absolutely love this outfit. I want one. Tell me where to get it please @teresagiudice
  • sammipakkur honestley still following her though... if you dont like her dont comment on her shit. i feel bad that you have nothing better to do then to trash her, get a hobby. @natalienikolovski
  • queenofbitchvelleBeautiful Bella TI AMO to you and juicy & the girls ❤❤💋💋
  • danielatsombanis@sammipakk plz! If you had anything better to do with your time, than you wouldn't be wasting it by picking fights with people who speak their minds like @natalienikolovski did.
  • sammipakkfunny cuz your like 80 and have so much time on your hands. gett a jobb... also im not waiting by my phone, im going to school... its were you learn how to spell... atm...?
  • sammipakkget a job, your like 80z
  • _torrcassooauntiiee
  • 5prettys@teresagiudice your family is beautiful!!! Great job! And these hater hate u because your doing everything right!👏💋
  • dukatyCute pic ✨💛✨
  • sandybell8910Cute
  • gabbymorada@teresagiudice love love love your dress!
  • papajazz26@teresagiudice WOW!!!!!!! :)
  • rott328Beautiful
  • mmeeg1ركبك يعععععععع
  • anangelswingsCute outfit
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