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  • johnz33@iloven1ggers @twitchthis1 and @susiestenberg JUST fucking said they donated why are you going on an uninformed rant. Fuck off and go look for some attention somewhere else
  • boone_015Sometimes its not about the money just knowing people are suporting you can make a big diference
  • rere_n_nates_mommyI think iloven1gger needs his ass handed to him. Have respect of others running your mouth as much as you do is gonna lead to an ass beat and I hope it comes to you sooner or later. @twitchthis1 @susiestenberg keep supporting what you believe in. Just like you guys do for my boy Ackerman. My prayers go out to this family heal up quick!
  • rnramz👊 He's a good friend of our family. Thanks for spreading the word!
  • tommcgredyThis @iloven1ggers piece of shit needs to go jump off an overpass into traffic! You sit your fat troll ass in a lazy boy, trolling @twitchthis1 and other riders, posting pics of your man crush President Obama while wacking off vigorously to people you can only hope to hold a candle to! If I was Twitch I'd tell you to meet me so I can wreck you for talking shit about that down rider who needs help, and to @susiestenberg
  • 77christopher_mx7Kelsteen is one of my few close friends and I'm sure he appreciates all this but when he reads the comments stupid people put up he is going to laugh his ass off and shake his head! I'm praying for you kel love you bro!
  • hernan831For all of you that think twitch didn't help this kid out, fuck you guys. Twitch is the realest guy in the I.
  • hernan831The industry.
  • hernan831And to think that he got all the shit handed to him is pure ignorance. Everything in life demands sacrifice and twitch has done a lot of it.
  • susiestenbergSorry guy! Wrong once again! Thanks for the entertainment but next time don't involve a serious situation to bring your negativity to. When someone we support is friends of our family we go about things a little more personable. You should try it sometime!
  • crackedkracker@iloven1ggers you think the "free" clothes don't come with a price. Racist biggots like yourself need to be dragged behind a 450 then shot. #fuckinternetgangsters
  • rebeccadebarGotta love people who just start unnecessary drama...there's gotta be something else you could be doing, or is this how you spend your spare time? @iloven1ggers #getahobby
  • srhfergus23Prayers and support!
  • susiestenbergTime to take your meds dude!
  • irishdevil805Hay @iloven1ggers how come you don't have any pictures of yourself? 1)your nothing but a pussy that is afraid to show who he is or your just some fat ass 13 year old key board basher! So scared to put your picture because you know people would find you! You wanna talk big? Nut up pussy! Why not send @twitchthis1 your info? Pussy!!!
  • pro_bate#twitchthis1 has worked hes arse off for what hes got and has put hes life at risk so good on with all the free stuff he gets. so #@iloven1ggers fuck off an have some respect you low life fuck.
  • ken867There is always gunna b some dumb Fuck to talk shit.. that's the way is goes now days.. twitch u and Ur wife do a lot.. Fuk that guy..
  • coner253The dude's a bitch poser that's picking a fight with a girl @susiestenberg that I'm pretty sure she could wreck your bitch ass. So get out of your moms basement put the video games down go get a job and do something with your life beside being a bitch. I agree with @irishdevil805 nut up or shut up. @twitchthis1
  • alexonesevenIt's amazing how disrespectful some people can be. @twitchthis1 @susiestenberg you guys got this. This little fuck is a completely ignorant waste of flesh and bone. Best wishes to our fellow rider, and family member. Big ups to you guys for helping spread the word. He'll be in my prayers.
  • britz317@jpiper987 casa colina is a great place to be! I was there for my spinal cord injury n actually stayed a whole 10 months! You're at one of the best places to be for brain injuries/spinal cord injuries for rehab so know you're in good hands, they really are great! I actually go there to visit patients sometimes, I'm still in a chair but still working to recover still n never giving up:) Going to talk to new injuries helps give them a better perspective of life still goes on even with what we went through:) I hope Kelsteen has a full recovery from his injuries, sending prayers your guys way! maybe I'll see you guys around there in a near future visit. Keep pushing forward Kelsteen, you got this!
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