Don't forget to clean your makeup brushes.. No more germs and makes the biggest difference in how your makeup goes on! #makeup #tips
  • emilygmaynardDon't forget to clean your makeup brushes.. No more germs and makes the biggest difference in how your makeup goes on! #makeup #tips

  • xosaraox@emilygmaynard I will buy EVERY SINGLE brush if it makes me look like you 😉💁
  • mckenziehurst84@emilygmaynard Soap and water? My girl at the Chanel counter said easiest way, but sometimes I feel better buying a solution. #suggestions?
  • oliviaboroHow do you clean them? Mine are in need!
  • brianabatey1 cup warm water, 1 tbsp white vinegar, 1 tbsp dawn dish soap. Put it all in a glass cup and just swirl your brush around a couple times. You'll see how much makeup and gunk comes off them it's seriously amazing!
  • lescandyluv how we both have a ton of chanel brushes! they last forever!!
  • veganne@emilygmaynard you should use cruelty free brushes, not made from animals. Making an animal suffer for brushes = not pretty ❤🐺🐭🐹🐰❤
  • danikociemba@veganne get a new hobby...
  • emily593xoxI love makeup so much i made a beauty channel on youtube, its called makeupbyemily593, i hope u like it
  • courtgilliesOh my gosh @brianabatey I just did what you said and it was so easy and my brushes have never been cleaner! Thank you. Got any at home facial recipes?
  • fr33spir1t@Vegganne everyone should..but it doesn't cross most people's's awesome you try to give advice.someone has to.
  • robeanomartino@danikociemba get a new brain and u will know what @veganne is talking about. #dontknockwhatudontknow #getaclue
  • veganne@danikociemba yes, being kind to animals is definitely a bad hobby... I'll take up smoking! Trust me, it's much better to go about in the world carrying peace and love in your heart and acting on it in everything you do. This extends to the things we buy and words we say. @robeanomartino 💜
  • danikociemba@robeanomartino @veganne I love animals, thank you very much! But I think there are way more important things in this world then worrying about what tiny little makeup brushes are made out of. And #fyi @robeanomartino my #brain is perfect the way it is.
  • veganneThere are many important things, yes, but it's important to make as many kind choices as possible in our world. I don't think it's a fault of mine, rather something I try to cultivate each day. @danikociemba
  • danikociemba@veganne then maybe you should start working on nicer ways to approach people on the subject. And smoking is not a hobby, it's an addiction. Sewing and bird watching and cooking; those are all hobbies...
  • mandismith777That same mixture is the best for house cleaning too!! In bigger amounts of course! @brianabatey
  • emilypersephone@veganne There are many companies that use cruelty free ways to gain the hairs used for brushes! Just somethih to remember! You jet have to do lots of research and dig real deep to find them! :)
  • whitney_johnson27Ladies! Make sure you don't get the part wet where the bristles are glued and "pinched" together! If so, the water will break down the glue and RUIN your brushes! It's such a sad day when that happens 😭
  • summertime79@emilygmaynard Do you have a fave blush brush? Any recommendations for a fellow WV gal?;)
  • lisvollIs a scherzal oda.. Oiso i brauch Kane mehr!😁 @burtonkrisal
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