Seek alignment every day. #ambergram
  • heyamberraeSeek alignment every day. #ambergram

  • barrelhoundTruth.
  • ashleylpetersOooooh I like the "Daily" part of that.
  • ashleylpetersIt's so easy to project that onto some future life goal.
  • thezenceoFor a long time I've had the same model (substitute "talent" with "strengths") and recently I've been thinking about whether passion and purpose end up overlapping so much that they might as well be grouped into one entity.
  • heyamberrae@victormathieux It's funny you mention that... I thought about changing passion to energy after I sketches it. Passion is short-term (what carries you day-to-day) and purpose is long-term (what's beyond you and deeply moves you forward)...
  • heyamberrae@victormathieux you cannot have long-term without short-term (and vice versa) which is why they do not overlap. but to your point, perhaps passion isn't the right word. energy?
  • thezenceoRecently I'm beginning to think that one's purpose or calling is something which we uniquely tried to fulfill at an early age. In other words, trying to fill this purpose as kids was often the source of our creative energy and curiosity. As we grow older though we feel as though we have to intellectually decide on a purpose, but I'm beginning to think your purpose chooses you more than you choose it. You can certainly choose which words you use to describe it, and it may become narrower over time; but from our earlier years I think we are naturally energized (both in the short and long-term) to try to answer some kind of question or fill a calling. This way of thinking about it, is what leads me to believe that purpose could actually be one of the primary sources of both short-term energy and long-term drive. With that said, there are always things we can do to increase our energy in the short-term (workout, dance, meditate, do encantations, etc...). But I think these things are not as unique to the individual (perhaps they are more unique to the human species as a whole).
  • thezenceo#instanovel
  • heyamberrae@victormathieux Yes!!!!!!!! Then, what we must do as adults (to get back in touch with our source) is to seek and find all the barriers within ourselves preventing us from fulfilling our purpose. Also!!! From my experience, creating RITUALS (that are natural and fulfilling) create short and long-term increases in energy that complement the manifestation of our purpose.
  • heyamberrae@victormathieux Thus Rituals > Passion. The right rituals create passion.
  • thezenceoYou've just added something new to my radar, now my brain needs some time to recalibrate :)
  • findfearlessI love this conversation! Rituals are the means by which we use our talents to fulfill our purpose.
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