• considermichaelIs this issue a strong one? Let us know what you think. I stopped getting everyone.
  • hamish__rI so wish they could make beautiful covers. Maybe I'm wrong but they've a pretty aesthetically-driven, locked-in audience who don't care for coverlines, which affords a rare luxury to make a stunning cover suitable for a month on the coffee table.
  • hamish__r#rant
  • andrewcampbell.co@touristique Couldn't agree more.
  • gymclassmag@touristique @monkeysinc Yeah, cleaner covers would be sweet... perhaps for subscribers. But, gotta say, their covers are pretty unique on the newsstand.
  • andrewcampbell.co@gymclassmagazine @touristique Good point. They are instantly recognisable as Monocle. I just wish they were a tad more distinctive from each other, month to month.
  • gymclassmag@monkeysinc A couple of times I've bought the same issue twice because the covers look so similar. Well annoying.
  • gymclassmag@considermichael It's an ok issue. It's issue 60, so a milestone... six years of Monocle.
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