Baby love ...
  • rosieBaby love ...

  • ginamullThat is so rude
  • marymadiganI don't know how anyone could get sick of looking at something so beautiful.
  • kerrybeemilnes@halikat wow. You're a total douche who obviously is not a mother. You should unsubscribe yourself permanently.
  • halikat@kerrybee999 Naw, I'm not a douche - I have lots of great qualities. I'm just a women with zero maternal I said above, not meant to be a mother. I'm unsubscribed now, but I think I'll still see the future insults people (mothers) will throw me...which I'm ok with, I get it.
  • aekfuturewriter13@marymadigan I know! Adorableness at its best! :-)
  • aims2015Keep posting the baby pics rosie! They are adorable!!
  • beverlee415@halikat unsubscribe then! No need to be rude, she didn't add this page for you , you subscribed to her remember! Need attention much?
  • snowwhitebettieWhat a sweetheart girl!!! Congrats on you new love :)
  • halikat@milena_marrero I stated opinions on open social media that pissed some people off...but I'm pretty sure I still deserve to be alive and not be raped. Punishment doesn't seem to fit the crime! Wasn't particularly craving attention, just felt like voicing my opinion. This is the first time I've ever commented in Instagram ...seems to be going well.
  • leisha.shanklin@halikat you can come back anytime... I love babies, but you don't have to :)
  • cgarayt@rosie You should find a way to turn off comments... some of these here are unbelievably offensive, especially below a picture of your beautiful baby! 😣
  • davidepaolo@halikat you almost have as much booze and foods pics as her baby pics!
  • abaderoseI love your beautiful baby photos. Please keep them coming.
  • karadione@milena_marrero Okay, I get she was rude, but are comments like you just made REALLY necessary? It makes you look like nothing but a big bully. Raped by the devil? My goodness!! Relax.
  • miledonnaIm sorry i deleted them it just pisses me off when people say mean things like this!! Sorry @karadione
  • miledonnaAnd to @halikat if u don't like motherhood keep it to yourself nobody cares!!
  • shanna_banana_81There should be only compliments under this beautiful photo. Nothing but love there. :')
  • xotormentedsugarI was just thinking today holding my baby its the best feeling In the world.
  • turkee182<3 beautiful
  • amlc5<3 such a cute baby and a awesome mom
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