Dion Phaneuf signs an autograph prior to leaving for tonight's game
  • mapleleafsDion Phaneuf signs an autograph prior to leaving for tonight's game

  • alosmanosMount up boys.
  • proudmamaxoGo Leafs Go Kick Some Ass Boys!!!!!!!
  • elev8orguyWhy isn't Gardiner being photographed? He's a real D-man!
  • christianmammolitiLoews!!!!!
  • xdacostaxLetsssss go diooooonnnnn
  • jacobdasilva_LETS GO LEAFS
  • kazregDion is an idiot.... Keep your feet moving
  • muarry_whatgrayIt's ok for the captain to smile . . sometimes
  • bigbath27Dion is my favourite player!!!!!!!!
  • ethanpaulosYour the best
  • lesterb13You people don't care about your fans don't try to make it seem like you do
  • thenamesnolanI met you doin remember at Edmonton!😄😃😊
  • york51_-9 rating, worst in the league.. point proven? fuckin shmuck
  • sds_jayThis guys a bum captains need heart he doesnt
  • riche80You guys have no clue what your talking about
  • nikkoleanLMFAO HATERS!!!!! If you love your team you love your team no matter what, everyone fucks up every now and then so shaddap and go like another team or quit fuckin hating you 4 losers kno who you are 😂 especially you @york88_ he's a piece of shiit yet he visits hospitals and does alot for his fans, what do you do besides talk shiit hater
  • york51_@nikkolean uhhh, ur a woman, u dont have a valid opinion on anything hockey oriented :)
  • nikkolean@york88_ I guess your opinion doesn't count either cuz ur bitching just like a woman lmfao 😂
  • berto_5150Frankenstein
  • davetrekofskiCody franson over dion he's a better player and we all see it why is he still on this team he's lazy he won't fight his fav move is to skate away from play and screen his own goalie trade the mothafucker @torontomapleleafs
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