He's always looking at me.
  • robertcaplinHe's always looking at me.

  • girlwitbadenglishHe's always pretty serious πŸ˜ƒ
  • arisnerI have to say, Bob.. You have the most photogenic looking cat. Mine looks like he wants to hurt me. Does your fam still live up in Oakmont? If you see a black cat wandering around the neighborhood, that's our Frodo!
  • robertcaplin@arisner hey Amy, long time. Actually my whole family is in Bexley/Columbus now. :)
  • arisner@robertcaplin oh nice! I love Bexley! I'm living in the New Albany area right now but my parents are still in Athens. Hope all is well with you :)
  • banazmahmoodCute
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