In Bloom
  • chriscobracoleIn Bloom

  • kevinjarotMikey turn into a hipster
  • jack_templetonTwo of my favorite skaters
  • dylanbanjoCole is taller than I remember
  • aidenvossyI've never seen a pic where mickey ain't smiling
  • joe_shermanI dig the Mickey Mouse pin @chriscobracole
  • 3firstnamesssThe wall in his intro to in bloom of love that video @chriscobracole
  • 3firstnamesssThe wall in his intro to in bloom of love that video @chriscobracole
  • kevinhuescaCool Micky mouse pin👌👍😉
  • jhonnysunami@chriscobracole @mikey_tay1or two of my favorite skaters man and what makes it so impressive is that as long as you guys been pro you guys still rip it thats wassup bro you guys are the best ... And when is the next time you guys are going to new jersey other than street leagues?
  • angryaustIn bloom was one of the first videos I bought and remains in my top 5 to this day.
  • chriscobracole@jhonnysunami I try to get there a few times a year- ill be there this summer fosho, probably june
  • chriscobracole@austismdyslexy that is rad! Funny how no matter what the video , if it was one of your first ones it'll always be near to your heart. Cause it will always remind you of that first sting. The cupids arrow of skating
  • angryaust@chriscobracole haha exactly. I couldn't have said it any better myself. I actually broke out the VCR a week or two ago to throw that video in. It's still so rad It really never gets old. But anyway, thanks for taking time to respond to me. I skate Philly all the time so hopefully we bump into each other one of these days. Thanks for everything man. Stay killlin it.
  • davidluvslaxAnd the worst part is the skatepark in my town sucks all we have is a small half pipe and just this big open cement area
  • mattprice__Mikey's got that leica!
  • colin_mullinsWould someone be able to tell me what kind of pants mikey is wearing?
  • maryurizarA green one @colinm91
  • andredubois23Happy birthday man your amazing! Definitely one of my favorite skaters!!! We love you Chris your amazing! @chriscobracole
  • bennythejet90Greatest skate video of all time
  • hectorsetaks@_taniuhlovee
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