Vintage Dior tie. 95% polyester, 5% silk.
  • trashnessVintage Dior tie. 95% polyester, 5% silk.

  • what_sam_sawPlease learn to tie a tie properly haha
  • nivrams_roomBut how else are you going to show the dior logo? @samdavidson88
  • trashness@samdavidson88 If you mean a 'windsor knot and symmetric' .. I'll never tie something like that ;)
  • what_sam_sawJust looks so much better, personal preference i guess!
  • what_sam_sawA half windsor would surfice though.
  • kevlive_I find more Dior ties at thrift stores than any other reputable brand. Surprising.
  • flodahmOne should clearly draw a line between "fashion" and "business knots". The doubled (perfectly symmetric) Windsor is something for the business world IMHO!
  • sartoriallivingA windsor can be so much more than business, you just have to know how to use it. But..if it's one thing I'm straight up tired of seeing; sloppy windsors. Fashion is..trying new things. Clothing People should stop complaining and pay attention to themselves. Well done @trashness.
  • brooklyn_1976@sartorialliving ... Well said. Style is a reflection of worth, by in large people are worthless. Fix ya collar, square away your style....dopeboyprep
  • markd33zFashion is definitely a subset of style. One can purchase all the fashionable stuff available but if you can't put it together you have only a wardrobe full of nice clothes.
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