what do we think? do we like the "rose" motif?
  • sfgirlbybaywhat do we think? do we like the "rose" motif?

  • copycatchicIt's very "you" :)
  • emilywhittenburgYessssss!
  • acouzLove, I'm coveting the same pillow for our living room.
  • highdivedesignOh yes!
  • natplaysYup!!
  • withlovekacieI love it!
  • rprkrOh no! Am I the only one? Not loving it. Feels old. Love the photo though. Pillow's too much.
  • kchis84I think it's too much flowers, but then I'm not much of a flowery person!
  • sarahbradley__Not loving the floral pillow but definitely love the photo!
  • ag4squareI'm afraid I'm a no
  • dustycollyerI'd separate them with a little more distance. 🌹🔲🔳🔲🔳🌹
  • dreamcatcher_sfPhoto n the pillow became a styleduo. I love it. @sfgirlbybay
  • awonderingstarIn love with the beautiful photo, the pillow is cute but it's an overdose!
  • sfgirlbybayit's all good! thanks for the input good and bad. I think it's prettier in person. but maybe it is not right there.
  • lolabullockI think you have great, perfectly quirky taste & you should go with your instincts! It's a room that can handle it!!
  • jennymccownI agree with @lolabullock, trust your instincts. I always love your rooms. A photo can't really capture the whole room context. I love flowers!
  • mymessyroomIt's over the top divine! Love it
  • somesmithsYES!
  • melissasalPerfect
  • katesjordanSo pretty.
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